Abortion Activist Michael Moore Tells “Angry White Guys” to Just “Give It Up”

National   |   Jacob Comello   |   Nov 2, 2018   |   3:53PM   |   Washington, DC

With the midterm elections less than a week away, the leftist media are ensuring that the screens of America are saturated in the same message: VOTE (for Democrats).

And so NBC Late Night host Seth Meyers welcomed crazed conspiracy peddler Michael Moore on his Nov. 1 episode, reported Newsweek.

Moore, to remind viewers that #MAGA shenanigans are afoot in all elections, resurrected his famous “Trump is an evil genius” spiel, saying: “He outsmarted us in 2016 and won the White House by losing the election. That takes a certain kind of evil genius … so don’t think that … they don’t have every intention of holding on to the House and the Senate.”

He also chided Nancy Pelosi’s cocky comments from earlier this week on CBS’s The Late Show With Stephen Colbert: “Well, I’m not gonna make the mistake that someone else made on a late night show … who just automatically announced ‘We’re gonna win!’”

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All right, pretty typical leftist bush beating. But, as with every celebrity commentary on politics, there had to be an affirmation of identity politics. After admitting that he himself was part of “Trump’s demographic,” he put his oppressor’s guilt on full display and issued a command to his “fellow angry white American guys”: “Dudes, give it up! We’ve been running the show for 10,000 years … So why don’t we just take a break? Let the majority gender run the show!”

It turns out Moore’s latest crusade against sanity is being waged on judging people “by the content of their character,” as MLK once put it.

LifeNews Note: Jacob Camallo writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.