Pro-Abortion Group Claims “Restricting Abortion Harms Children”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Nov 1, 2018   |   9:49AM   |   Washington, DC

Bizarre as it seems, a prominent pro-abortion group claimed this week that children get hurt when abortion is restricted.

NARAL, a radical pro-abortion group that pushes abortion, not “choice,” tried to make itself out as a compassionate advocate for children as well as women. In a darkly ironic tweet, it pointed to a new study that claims to show born children are better off if their mothers can abort their siblings.

“The research here is clear. Restricting abortion access doesn’t just harm women. It harms their children as well,” NARAL wrote, quoting the research.

The pro-abortion group means only born children, of course, not the nearly 1 million unborn children who are killed in abortions every year in America. Their lives don’t count.

Hot Air reports the study is not really much of a study. Researchers at the University of California San Francisco based their results on just 55 subjects — an extremely small sample.

“The only reason this silly claim gets taken at face value here is that it advances The Abortion Narrative. It’s a set-up, not a ‘study’ — it’s a dressed-up set of talking points made to impress people who never look under the hood,” according to the conservative blog.

Here’s more:

The report then claims that 77% of the children in the control group met developmental milestones, while only 73% in the target group did. “Though small,” the [Los Angeles Times] argues, “the difference was too large to be due to chance, according to the study,” which is utter nonsense. In case you’re wondering, the difference between 73% and 77% in the target sample would be two children. For all we know, two of the underperformers might have been from the same family, or perhaps that was the case for even more underperformers.

… their other claims are similarly threadbare:

“The authors also found that the existing children of women who were denied abortions were more likely to live in poverty than those who received an abortion (72% compared with 55%) and to be in a household that does not have enough money to cover basic needs like food, housing and transportation (87% to 70%.)”

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Respectively, the projected differences in the target group would be nine children and ten children. While those are a little more substantive than the developmental claims, the LA Times report on the study doesn’t include any more information on other environmental differences — economic levels, location, parental involvement, family structure, or any of a number of factors that play into both development and poverty.

Research by child psychiatrist Dr. Philip Ney suggests the opposite, that children may experience trauma and other psychological problems if their mothers abort a sibling.

Ney has done extensive research on the effects of abortion on siblings. He found that many siblings of aborted children experience survivor’s guilt and struggle with their sense of self-worth. Siblings of abortion victims also can suffer from depression, anxiety, low self esteem and fear of the future, according to Ney’s research.

“The most prominent symptom of PASS [post-abortion survivor syndrome] is existential guilt, ‘I feel I don’t deserve to be alive,’” Ney wrote in 2011.

LifeNews has featured dozens of these siblings’ storiesstories of pain, guilt, anger and questioning from children who learned that their mothers chose to abort their siblings.

A few years ago, the child of an abortion activist shared how deeply the news affected her.

“Suddenly, I realized my mother carried me to term not because I was a mythical child loved from the outset, but because I happened to be in the right place at the right time. I wasn’t any more special than my siblings—just lucky enough to have been a planned and wanted pregnancy,” the writer said.

Rachel’s Vineyard, a post-abortion healing ministry, provides emotional support to children of siblings who have been aborted.