Obama Admin Took Multiple Teen Girls Out of State for Abortions Without Their Parents Knowing

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 23, 2018   |   9:45AM   |   Washington, DC

New government emails are shedding light on just how radically pro-abortion President Barack Obama and his administration were.

First a federal court’s decision and now government employees’ emails indicate that the administration may have skirted parental involvement laws to get secret abortions for young immigrants and refugees in federal custody.

Lawyer Margot Cleveland, who has been researching the issue, recently uncovered emails from the Office of Refugee Resettlement under the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services with more evidence of the practice.

The emails show ORR employees discussing transporting pregnant minors from states like Texas that have parental consent laws to New Mexico and other states that do not require parental consent for abortions.

“While little else can be done at this point, these emails … expose the extreme views of those leading the ORR program under the Obama administration—so extreme that they wanted girls to have access to late-term abortions, without any parental involvement, and with federal funding if at all possible,” Cleveland wrote at The Federalist. “These facts deserve to be known.”

According to the report:

First, several email threads confirm last week’s reporting that under the Obama administration, girls were transported or transferred to other states to avoid parental notification laws. For instance, one email referenced the “need” to drive a minor to San Antonio from another Texas-based shelter [for ano abortion]. In this email, the ORR representative added, “we had driven minors from El Paso to Albuquerque NM which is bigger distance from your program to San Antonio [in] order to get this [abortion] procedure done.”

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Texas law requires minors to obtain parental consent or a judicial bypass to obtain an abortion, while New Mexico does not. Another email confirmed “this is why termination of pregnancies are done in New Mexico.” (This email also indicated the ORR representative had a cozy relationship with a Texas family court judge potentially involved in bypassing the state’s parental consent requirement.)

The email from a West Texas Region HHS representative reads, “[Redacted], regarding parental consent in Texas, I took the liberty to contact Judge [redacted] (Family District Court Judge and a good friend of mine) to verify the current law regarding parental consent in Texas when it involves a minor who was a victim of rape.”

The email explains the Texas law, which requires a child under age 17 to notify and receive the consent of a parent before aborting an unborn baby. The representative then writes, “This is why termination of pregnancies are done in New Mexico due to the fact that currently (by law) there is no parental consent requirement.”

Another email suggested pregnant girls were transferred from states with bans on late-term abortions to states that allow late-term abortions.

Cleveland also uncovered emails that suggested taxpayers may have paid for some of these girls’ elective abortions. Under the law, taxpayer-funded abortions only are allowed in cases of rape, incest or danger to the woman’s life. But one ORR email indicated employees may have tried to find ways around the law.

The report continues:

Another email conversation noted that a 16-year-old minor indicated a desire to abort her unborn baby. Her pregnancy was “from a consensual relationship and her boyfriend is a 17 year old male.” The boyfriend was apparently a cousin.

After noting that the “ORR will not pay for a termination if the pregnancy was the result of consenual sex,” the ORR represented noted that it might be possible to “consider this a rape” or to “allow for termination due to incest.”

Obama has been labeled the most pro-abortion president in history for pushing radical pro-abortion policies in the White House. But these new documents indicate Americans do not fully know the extent to which he and his chosen leaders advocated for the killing of unborn babies.