Claire McCaskill Wants Journalist Investigated Who Exposed Her Secret Donations From Planned Parenthood

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 23, 2018   |   5:13PM   |   Washington, DC

Pro-abortion U.S. Sen. Claire McCaskill is urging authorities to investigate an undercover journalist who caught her campaign workers admitting that she receives secret support from Planned Parenthood.

A pro-abortion Democrat, McCaskill is considered one of the most vulnerable senators running for re-election in November, Townhall reports. After voting against U.S. Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh’s confirmation, she fell behind her opponent, pro-life Republican Josh Hawley, in the polls.

The video, released by Project Veritas last week, shows how McCaskill’s campaign appears to be trying to appeal to moderate voters in the mid-western state by downplaying her radical pro-abortion stance.

McCaskill now is urging state Attorney General Josh Hawley, her opponent, to investigate the undercover videos, Townhall reports.

“She’s just mad that she got caught and is throwing a Hail Mary to try and save her job. A Democrat got exposed for being a total liar,” Townhall’s Matt Vespa wrote.

The Kansas City Star reports more:

David Kirby, McCaskill’s campaign manager, said in a conference call with reporters on Wednesday that there is reason to believe Project Veritas committed fraud that violated the state’s merchandising practices act.

That law prohibits deceptive business practices and is enforced by the attorney general’s office.

Kirby said the videos were captured under false pretenses and misrepresentations, “which under Missouri law is fraud.”

Kirby said Hawley must recuse himself and appoint a special prosecutor to look into the videos, which he called “gutter politics.”

McCaskill’s campaign also instituted a new policy prohibiting recording at campaign offices or events, according to the Free Beacon.

In the undercover video, one staffer tells an undercover journalist, “It’s f——- beautiful” how Planned Parenthood indirectly supports McCaskill’s campaign.

At another point, two staffers tell the undercover investigator why Planned Parenthood has not been a big supporter of McCaskill’s campaign, even though she has a 100-percent pro-abortion voting record.

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“So what were you telling me last night about Planned Parenthood?” the undercover investigator asks.

“How they never — they don’t donate to Claire because they don’t want to ostracize pro-life Democrats in Missouri,” the staffer responds.

“They go through other means to support and give money. They just don’t directly give money from their PACs,” a second campaign staffer says of Planned Parenthood.

The Daily Wire reports McCaskill’s campaign pointed out that the abortion giant did give her campaign at least $5,000.

But it is a small amount compared to what Planned Parenthood is spending on other pro-abortion candidates. For example, it plans to spend $1.5 million to support pro-abortion Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s re-election campaign.

Then there is Emily’s List, a pro-abortion PAC with less name recognition. It is McCaskill’s top donor in 2018, sending $630,745 to her campaign, according to Open Secrets.

Earlier this year, LifeNews and other conservative news outlets noticed that McCaskill’s name was not included in Planned Parenthood’s plans for the midterm elections.

Planned Parenthood is the largest abortion chain in America, destroying more than 320,000 unborn babies’ lives every year. Though it receives hundreds of millions of tax dollars, it has become a major political spender, especially on high-level Democratic races across the country. In April, it announced plans to spend $30 million to support pro-abortion candidates in the midterms.