Theaters Censor “Gosnell” Movie Profiling Serial-Killer Abortionist, Over 200 Stop Showing Movie

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 22, 2018   |   9:12AM   |   Washington, DC

Despite its strong performance last weekend, where it ranked in the top 10 of all movies nationwide, theaters are now censoring the “Gosnell” movie profiling a murderous abortionist who was sent to prison after killing babies in live-birth abortions.

Even though the movie made more than $1.2 million on 668 screen last weekend, 28% percent of movie theaters — including some of the best performing — inexplicably dropped the movie this weekend. This weekend, just 488 theaters showed Gosnell: The Trial of America’s Biggest Serial Killer.

“There’s no denying that this controversy is stemming from the film’s content,” Townhall reported. “Gosnell executives aren’t surprised by the move – especially after the up-hill battle they’ve faced producing and placing the film.”

Despite the censorship, the movie’s producers told LifeNews they remain upbeat and indicated the movie is performing well in the theaters that continue showing it.

“The Gosnell Movie is doing incredibly well despite attacks from all sides. Industry veterans say they have never seen such campaign by the establishment to shut down a successful movie but we’re happy to report that so far none of it is working,” they told LifeNews today.

“You might have seen some reports over the weekend that the film has been dropped from movie theaters despite over-performing. Yes that’s right – even though we have been attracting huge audiences – theaters have been removing us from their roster,” the said. “But it didn’t matter – we have had a great weekend. We are having sold out houses across the country. For the list of theaters please visit our website.”

They requested that pro-life people help the movie via social media.

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“However next week is critical and we really need your help. We can no longer afford to advertise the film nationally so we need you to spread the word about the film through social media. Please post about the film on Facebook and Twitter and share if you see anyone else talk about it. We need to get the word out. The mainstream media and the Hollywood and Silicon Valley establishment are doing everything they can to try and see that the Gosnell Movie fails and the truth about abortion is suppressed,” they told LifeNews.

“Remember when the mainstream media refused to cover the trial? Well then they refused to review the movie when it was launched – their lack of coverage for a movie that was opening in over 600 screens is unprecedented but they just broke their own rules when it comes to covering thaw story. They don’t want people to know the truth,” the producers continued.

They said they have overcome censorship befre and promised to soldier on.

“And Facebook have blocked our ads and taxpayer funded NPR have refused to let us advertise on their programs,” they told LifeNews. “However they didn’t succeed – the film was the most successful Indie movie in America and it was in the top ten of all movies in the nation on its opening day.”

They added: “So please help us keep growing. Share about the film on social media but most importantly go and see the film and take a crowd with you. If you have already seen it – go back with a large group. Or persuade your church or local pro-life group to bring a crowd. We love seeing how people have traveled huge distances to see Gosnell. One person wrote on Twitter that they had done a four hour round trip to see the film and that it was so worth the journey. Another person tweeted that they “drove 102 miles round trip yesterday watch a movie that changed my life.”

“We have had some wonderful reviews from journalists. Fox News Journalist Brit Hume said Gosnell is and “engrossing courtroom drama.” Commentator Ben Stein, who made the Expelled documentary said it is a “must, must, must see movie,” they added.

They concluded: “So you must see it and you must organize for a crowd to see it. The mainstream media and the establishment don’t want this story to get out. They don’t want people to know the facts. With your help and the help of your local groups we can ensure the Gosnell Movie continues to succeed. Find a theater near you here. The coverup stops NOW.”

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