Planned Parenthood Calls Politician an “Advocate for Women.” Then He Bites and Punches His Fiance’

State   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Oct 16, 2018   |   2:52PM   |   Concord, New Hampshire

Planned Parenthood falsely claims to be for women as it aborts little girls each and every day. Now, out of New Hampshire, comes another example of the abortion business’ hypocrisy.

The abortion chain loved State Senator Jeff Woodburn, who was the New Hampshire Senate Minority Leader and former chairman of the New Hampshire Democratic Party. Planned Parenthood was a strong supporter of Woodburn’s and praised him for supposedly being a woman’s advocate simply because he voted pro-abortion.

Now Woodburn faces allegations that he punched and bit his fiance’. Here’s more from Front Page Mag:

Planned Parenthood’s New Hampshire Action Fund endorsed Woodburn. Planned Parenthood of Northern New England put money behind him. And Woodburn declared that he was “proud” to have the abortion organization’s support and to be a “strong advocate for women’s health.”

Except maybe the health of the woman whom he is accused of biting and punching in the stomach.

And then in August, Senator Woodburn was arrested for allegedly biting a woman. The progressive politician was also accused of punching her, the first female County Democrat chair, in the stomach.

The feminist politician allegedly punched his fiancé, a social worker, former Dem chair and mother of two sons, in the stomach on Christmas Eve while she was wrapping Christmas presents.

New Hampshire Democrats had previously touted the woman allegedly assaulted by Woodburn as, “the first female in Coos history to become a delegate to the Democratic National Convention.”

According to her account, as relayed by the attorney general’s office, “the victim said to him, ‘You just punched me in the stomach’ and he reportedly replied something to the effect of ‘oh did I hurt you…I’m sorry’ in a mocking manner.”

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The biting allegedly happened when Woodburn tried to grab the wheel of the car as his fiancé was driving the drunken Democrat back from his birthday party which also doubled as a political fundraiser. After pulling over, “The victim said that Mr. Woodburn then proceeded to bite her left hand in the area of the palm and wrist as she reached for his phone.”

Photos of her hand have been released. They appear to show significant bruising and swelling where the Planned Parenthood endorsed politician allegedly bit her.

If Woodburn represents the pro-woman values of Planned Parenthood, that speaks volumes.