Three Lies Pro-Abortion Politicians Tell You

Opinion   |   Kristan Hawkins   |   Oct 15, 2018   |   9:37AM   |   Washington, DC

With the proxy war over abortion that has taken place these last few months during the confirmation process of Judge Brett Kavanaugh, the need to address the abortion industry talking points has never been greater. The political allies of abortion are willing to say anything to maintain control of the courts and taxpayer dollars. In my Lies Pro-Choice Politicians Tell speaking tour hitting college campuses this fall, I’m addressing the political spin of the abortion industry, talking with students about many of the myths surrounding abortion.

With the midterm elections getting closer, here are some of the largest whoppers to debunk this election season.

Lie #1: 7 in 10 people support Roe v. Wade

Groups like Planned Parenthoodand NARAL often make this claim, but the polling doesn’t back that up.

2013 poll found that only 60 percent of people could correctly describe Roe v. Wade as striking down state-level abortion regulations.

In fact, many people think overturning Roe v. Wade would make abortion illegal, instead of returning the issue back to state governments.

My friend Michael New sums up the issue this way, “Seventeen percent thought Roe v. Wade dealt with some other public-policy issue and 20 percent were unfamiliar with the decision. Furthermore, even many who realize Roe v. Wade dealt with abortion fail to understand the full implications of the decision. Many wrongly think that overturning Roe v. Wade would result in national ban on abortion, instead a reversal of Roe would return the issue to the states.”

Furthermore, only 12 percent of people agree with the Democrat National Committee’s stance that abortion should be allowed at any time, for any reason, and at taxpayer expense. And just slightly behind Republicans, millennials as a whole favor ending late-term, fifth-month abortions; yet, only 3 Senate Democrats voted for ending painful, late-term, fifth-month abortions.

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Lie #2: Most people support funding Planned Parenthood with taxpayer dollars.

Planned Parenthood wants people to believe there is high-support for them receiving taxpayer-funding — but their argument is based on the fallacy that they don’t receive money for abortions. For example, their website lists a poll purporting to show 75 percent of Americans support federal funding for Planned Parenthood, but that poll is about providing funding to Planned Parenthood for non-abortion services, even though the money they receive is fungible, and we know they overcharge for things like birth control, which helps subsidize their abortion business.

A similar poll claims to show 57 percent support from Trump voters for federal funding Planned Parenthood, but that again misleads, because what it actually showed was opposition to “actions that would prohibit women from accessing birth control, well-woman care, and cancer screenings at Planned Parenthood,” yet doesn’t mention abortion.

When the question is asked in a way that explains that Planned Parenthood is an abortion provider that receives taxpayer funding, support drastically drops to around 40 to 50 percent, more aligned with the general split on abortion support and opposition. This doesn’t even take into account that many Americans may not know that federally qualified health centers can absorb Planned Parenthood’s patients — and provide a higher quality of care.

Planned Parenthood knows taxpayer funding goes to abortion, which is why they publicly opposed a compromise brought to them by Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner, where Planned Parenthood would financially separate their abortion business from their non-abortion business (which they called a bribe, as if they are entitled to taxpayer funding).

Lie #3: Women need abortion to succeed

It’s unfortunately pretty common for politicians to insult the general population, but this lie is particularly demeaning: Women need abortion to succeed? Any woman who hears that and isn’t immediately offended has not only drunk the “reproductive rights” Kool-Aid but immersed her entire head in it. This twisted appeal to the feminist voter base suggests that women cannot achieve what they want to in life unless they end the lives of their children in the womb.

Not only can women walk and chew gum, the canard falls apart when you dig into the research. Pro-abortion politicians love to cite the Turnaway Study, a bogus research endeavor done by biased researchers in California who purposefully tailored the results to fit their desired conclusion.

Michael New notes: “This study analyzed the life outcomes of a group of women who sought abortions, but were unable to obtain one, often because of the advanced gestational stage of the pregnancy. The study found that women unable to obtain abortions were more likely to live in poverty in the short term. However, after a five-year period, the poverty rates of women who carried their pregnancy to term were almost identical to the group of women who had first-trimester abortions.”

What women need to succeed is the same as for everyone else: access to education, fair treatment in the workplace, family-friendly policies, and all the kinds of things that empower people in our country.

This election season, be wary of politicians who try to mislead the public on support for abortion and Planned Parenthood, and remember what economist Ronald Coase once said: “If you torture the data long enough, it will eventually confess to anything.”