Bob Casey Exploits His Pro-Life Opponent’s Grandson, Who Has Cancer, for Shameful Political Gain

National   |   Molly Prince   |   Oct 15, 2018   |   12:52PM   |   Harrisburg, PA

Rep. Lou Barletta, Pennsylvania’s Republican candidate for senate, slammed Democratic challenger Sen. Bob Casey on Sunday for running a “hurtful” and “insensitive” attack ad using sick children to mirror Barletta’s own ailing grandchild.

“Bob Casey just released an insensitive and personal attack ad accusing Lou Barletta of wanting to rip away health care from twin children with cancer, after Lou personally told Casey of his 18-month-old twin grandson currently undergoing chemo for cancer,” Barletta tweeted, with a video response included.

As a nod to Barletta’s own sick grandson, Casey used twin children with cancer in the ad to serve as a proxy for his stance on health care policy. The ad was meant to take a shot at Barletta’s vote in favor of the American Health Care Act, which would allow health insurers deny coverage of pre-existing conditions.

“What Casey did with that commercial is one of the most hurtful, insensitive things I’ve ever experienced in my entire political career,” Barletta said. “To want to win an election that bad, that you would go that far to hurt my family — my daughter, my wife, my other daughters, myself — is something that I can’t even think that anybody would go there.”

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Barletta personally confided to Casey about his grandson’s diagnoses when they both attended the Flight 93 Remembrance event on September 11, according to a source close to Barletta’s campaign.

“He should take that commercial down and he should be ashamed of himself,” Barletta continued. “He should be ashamed of himself that he wants to win an election that bad that he would hurt a family — does he know what it’s like to have an 18 month old grandchild who’s being treated as we speak with chemotherapy?”

“The commercial should come down,” Barletta said. “Shame on him.”

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