WATCH: Democrat Tammy Baldwin Struggles to Defend Late-Term Abortions

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 9, 2018   |   4:49PM   |   Washington, DC

U.S. Sen. Tammy Baldwin appeared to stumble over her words Monday when a Wisconsin voter asked about her position on late-term abortions.

The pro-abortion Democrat faced the question during a debate with pro-life Republican challenger Leah Vukmir, The Cap Times reports.

In a video of the debate, Baldwin seemed to search for words to respond when asked to defend her support of late-term abortions. The local news noted Baldwin did not specifically defend late-term abortions in her answer but instead talked about abortion in general.

“Um … I support a woman’s right to choose,” she began slowly. “I don’t believe that government should interfere with a woman’s health or whether or when she should have a child.”

She continued: “I also believe that my opponent has been at the very extreme of this issue. She has supported legislation that would ban in vitro fertilization, that would ban access to some forms of contraception and would ban stem cell research … so I strongly oppose any limitations like defunding Planned Parenthood … I believe that a woman should make her health care decisions.”

Vukmir responded much more strongly and confidently. She called out Baldwin for supporting late-term and partial-birth abortions, two practices that a strong majority of Americans oppose.

“It is the most disgusting thing that can happen, that the arms and legs are pulled out of a mother, the brains are sucked out,” Vukmir said of partial-birth abortions. “You talk about a woman’s right to choose, it’s a woman’s right to kill a baby. That is extreme, Sen. Baldwin.”

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Vukmir, a nurse, said she still remembers holding a 24-week premature baby in a neo-natal intensive care unit and watching the baby’s heart beat. She said she is 100-percent pro-life.

Afterward, Mallory Quigley, vice president of communications for the Susan B. Anthony List, praised Vukmir for her defense of the unborn.

“Love to see strong #prolife women going on the offense. AWESOME job @LeahVukmir! @tammybaldwin speaks so slowly its like she can’t even believe she has to say this,” Quigley wrote on Twitter.

Vukmir is endorsed by Wisconsin Right to Life PAC. In comparison, Baldwin has a 100-percent pro-abortion voting record.

Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion business in America, is spending $20 million to back Baldwin and other pro-abortion Democrats in the midterm election.