Because She Had Two Children China Made Her Abort Her 5-Month-Old Unborn Baby

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 9, 2018   |   12:07PM   |   Beijing, China

Reports of forced abortions continue under communist China’s two-child policy.

Radio Free Europe recently reported about forced abortions and other human rights abuses inside China’s “political re-education camps.”

A woman named Gulzira Mogdin said she was forced to abort her unborn baby five months into her pregnancy while detained in one of the camps last year.

“If you already have two children, they make you terminate your pregnancy,” Mogdin told RFE. “It’s tough. They took the child from the womb.”

Mogdin is a Chinese citizen but also an ethnic minority, her ancestors being from Kazakhstan. A widow with two young children, she said she remarried a man in Kazakhstan in 2017 and planned to move there permanently.

Here’s more from the report:

She traveled to Kazakhstan after her wedding in China. When she returned with her children to China to fill out paperwork in October 2017, Chinese officials immediately seized her passport and her mobile phone.

She was told she would get them back when she was ready to return to her husband and new home in Kazakhstan. …

Back in China, Mogdin says, she tried to reason with officials to let her continue with her pregnancy.

She told them her husband in Kazakhstan, Aman Ansagan, explained that the child she was carrying “was from a citizen of Kazakhstan and has no relation to Chinese laws.” Mogdin also argued that she could not abort her pregnancy without her husband’s consent.

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She said she was interned in a re-education camp and pressured to abort her baby. At one point, she said local officials brought in her brother to help pressure her to have the abortion, and she eventually gave in.

“They made me sign a paper [saying] that I chose to have an abortion, that I wasn’t pushed by the government. I signed it because I had no other choice,” she said.

Afterward, though, she resisted again. She said she refused to go to the hospital for the abortion, but the Chinese officials turned to her family again to pressure her to comply, according to the report. Mogdin said they put her brother in a re-education camp and harassed her other family members, including a pregnant cousin.

Then, she said they told her she had tuberculosis and urged her to go to the hospital. She said she believes her captors infected her with the disease to justify the abortion.

After her unborn baby was aborted, Mogdin was placed on house arrest for six months before being allowed to return to her husband in May, according to the report. She said she is now being treated for tuberculosis in Kazakhstan.

Before she left, she said Chinese officials told her not to speak to journalists or say anything about the camps.

“[Say that] there are no camps. Say that nothing has changed in Xinjiang, everything is like it used to be,” Mogdin said she was told.

The political re-education camps have received wide-spread condemnation by human rights organizations and the United Nations, according to the report. China has denied mistreating its detainees.

Reports of forced abortions have continued after the communist country revised its one child policy to a two child policy in 2015. Human rights advocates say forced and coerced abortions continue, despite the relaxed policy.

There have been rumors that China may abandon its abusive population control laws altogether, but human rights leaders remain skeptical.

Women and girls especially have been victims of China’s population control measures. Born women and girls have been subject to horrific abuses such as forced sterilization and abortion, while unborn baby girls have been aborted at astronomical rates, leading to a huge gender imbalance in the population.