Mexican State Passes Amendment Protecting Babies From Abortion From Conception

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 4, 2018   |   12:08PM   |   Mexico City, Mexico

The Mexican state of Sinaloa pushed back against pressure to legalize abortion on demand last week with an amendment to protect unborn babies from the moment of conception.

Countries across the globe are facing international pressure to legalize abortion, often from groups financed by some of the richest men in the world.

However, Sinaloan lawmakers signaled their commitment to protecting unborn babies Friday when they passed a pro-life constitutional amendment in a 32-1 vote, according to the Catholic News Agency. The state is located in northwestern Mexico.

The proposed state constitutional amendment, Article 4, reads: “Everyone has a right to have their life respected. The state protects the right to life from the moment an individual is conceived, enters under the protection of the law and is considered as born for all legal intents and purposes, until their natural death.”

The next step will be for state municipalities to vote on the proposal, according to the report. If a majority support it, Article 4 will be added to the Sinaloan constitution.

Here’s more from the report:

Since the 2007 legalization of abortion in Mexico City under the Party of the Democratic Revolution (PRD), 18 Mexican states have passed constitutional reforms protecting human life from conception. …

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Rodrigo Iván Cortés, president of the National Front for the Family, told ACI Prensa the amendment was introduced by Juan Pablo Yumani of the National Action Party (PAN).

The majority party in the Sinaloa congress is the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI).

For Cortés, this amendment to the Sinaloa constitution “is a ray of light in a very murky time” since several organizations recently celebrated the legalization of abortion in Mexico City and demanded that it be extended throughout the country.

Mexico is one of several countries that pro-abortion billionaire George Soros appears to be targeting. In 2016, documents leaked from Soros’s Open Society Foundations revealed that abortion activists have an extensive, well-funded plan to legalize abortion in Ireland and other countries. Ireland voted to repeal its pro-life Eighth Amendment in May.

The document also showed the foundations’ three-year plan through 2019 to push pro-abortion laws in Mexico and other pro-life countries, the Catholic News Agency reported at the time.

By 2019, the Soros-backed plan aims to “stem, mitigate and reverse the tide of fetal personhood laws and constitutional amendments” and to generate “a robust set of organizations advancing and defending sexual and reproductive rights [abortion] and injecting new thinking/strategy into the field,” according to the leaked document.

In July, the United Nations also put pressure on the Mexican state Veracruz to legalize abortion on demand, according to C-fam. The state legislature rejected a plan to legalize abortion in December.

Abortion laws vary by state in Mexico. Abortions are legal up to 12 weeks in Mexico City, but many states prohibit or widely restrict the killing of unborn babies in abortions.