Abortionist Travels 400 Miles Every Week to Do Abortions, Kills 60 Babies a Day

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Oct 3, 2018   |   11:01AM   |   Washington, DC

In just one day, 60 unborn babies may be aborted at the hands of abortionist Colleen McNicholas.

A traveling abortionist, McNicholas works at four abortion facilities in Missouri, Kansas and Oklahoma. The liberal website Mic recently profiled her during her travels.

She estimated she travels about 400 miles per week between the abortion facilities. Asked if she gets tired of traveling, she replied, “Sometimes physically tired, not tired of the mission of what I’m doing.”

What she is doing is aborting what easily could be hundreds of unborn babies every week.

During the interview, McNicholas was on her way from St. Louis to Oklahoma City. She said her schedule was full, with almost 60 abortion patients to see in one day.

According to the interview:

McNicholas: So right now we’re headed to the airport. Sounds like we have a very busy day. There’s almost 60 patients on the schedule for Friday, so we’ll start early and probably work late. But you know, that’s true of abortion care, right? When there’s really limited access to abortion and it requires that people fly in from other places, it can make for a busy couple of days because there just isn’t providers on other days.

[Mic’s Kendall] Ciesemier: People are just waiting for you?

McNicholas: It’s not always me, but yes, they are always waiting for somebody to fly in to be able to provide that care. So in the Columbia and Kansas City affiliate, I am the only provider at those. And look at the bumper sticker right here in front of us. It says “choose life” right there.

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Ciesemier (voiceover): There are virtually no abortion providers living in these areas, so in order for the clinics to remain open, McNicholas has to fly in to fill the gap. The clinics can go weeks without a provider and remain closed until a doctor is back in town.

Since the interview, the Columbia and Kansas City Planned Parenthoods in Missouri have been forced to close. On Monday, a federal judge’s decision closed the Columbia facility because it failed to meet state health and safety regulations. The facility also failed its last two health inspections, the Columbia Tribune reports.

Another facility where McNicholas works, the Planned Parenthood in St. Louis, has a horrible reputation for patient safety. At least 65 of its patients were hospitalized for abortion complications between 2009 and March 2017, according to pro-life advocates’ documentation. State health inspectors also have cited it for dozens of health and safety violations in recent years, one of the most egregious being another abortionist who failed to wash his hands and seemed surprised when the state inspector asked him about it.

McNicholas admitted to Mic that she works long hours and sees many patients at a time.

“There’s no clinic closing time. The clinic closes when all the patients have been seen. So depending how the day is going, that might be 8 o’clock, that might be 11 o’clock. It just sort of depends on what the day brings. But we don’t ever leave until everybody’s been seen,” she said.

She complained about the conservative states where she works and their opposition to abortion. McNicholas argued that women need abortions to succeed and described her work as “justice care.”

“Our existence as a species really relies on women’s ability to be able to control their fertility,” she said. “If women can’t control if, when, how many times to be pregnant, then they can’t control their education destiny and they can’t control their economic destiny and they can’t control their ability to really reach their full potential in society.”

Killing unborn babies is not justice, nor does it help women. Babies in the womb are valuable human beings who deserve to be protected from violence, and women are valuable human beings who deserve to be told that they don’t need to kill their own children to succeed.