Nancy Pelosi Calls Brett Kavanaugh “Hysterical,” Threatens to Impeach Him if He’s Confirmed

National   |   Christina Vazquez   |   Oct 1, 2018   |   12:20PM   |   Washington, DC

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi resorted to name-calling this weekend in a desperate attempt to quash Brett Kavanaugh’s potential confirmation to the Supreme Court.

Pelosi, a pro-abortion Democrat from California, called Kavanaugh “hysterical” and unfit to serve on the Supreme Court. She made these comments during an interview at the 2018 Texas Tribune Festival. Pelosi’s commentary came in light of Kavanaugh’s testimony on Capitol Hill last week when he strongly denied allegations of sexual assault dating back many decades.

“I couldn’t help but think that if a woman had ever performed that way, they would say ‘hysterical,’” Pelosi said, according to CBS News. “It’s not time for a hysterical, biased person to go to the court and expect us to say, ‘isn’t that wonderful.’”

Kavanaugh, who is President Donald Trump’s pick to replace Justice Anthony Kennedy’s vacated seat on the Supreme Court, testified Thursday before the Senate Judiciary Committee. He spoke hours after one of his accusers, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford, publicly discussed the allegations during a televised hearing with lawmakers.

Kavanaugh, who currently serves on the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals, adamantly denied the allegations and accused Democrats of conspiring to derail his confirmation. At times, he sounded angry, and other times he became tearful as he defended himself against the allegations and spoke of how they affected his wife and young daughters.

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After an 11-10 vote by the Senate Judiciary Committee to advance Kavanaugh to a Senate vote, the committee asked for an FBI probe regarding the allegations.

Even if the probe clears Kavanaugh’s name, Pelosi’s comments suggest that she and other Democrats may call for his impeachment.

“Well, let’s take it one step at a time,” the former House speaker said. “I was asked that yesterday morning, and I said…divine intervention, whatever it takes, let’s see if we can’t get to a better place than that.

“But let me say this,” she added. “If Judge Kavanaugh…if he is not telling the truth, to Congress or to the FBI, then he’s not fit not only to be on the Supreme Court, but to be on the court that he’s on right now.”

Pelosi’s statements signal a desperation from the Democratic party to shift the power to delay Kavanaugh’s confirmation. Some want to see the confirmation votes delayed until after midterm elections, and some even have called for the investigations to include perjury. Regardless of the outcome, the Democratic party’s actions speak a message that is quite clear to all: They fear what could happen if Kavanaugh is confirmed to the Supreme Court.