Kavanaugh’s Classmate Leaves CNN Host Speechless: No Sexual Misconduct. “I Would Remember That”

National   |   Nick Givas   |   Sep 28, 2018   |   10:23AM   |   Washington, DC

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh’s high school classmate Tom Kane said he believes Kavanaugh did not assault Christine Blasey Ford and claimed he would’ve found out about the incident, if anything actually occurred.

“I rode the roller coaster like everybody else. Chrissy Blasey was riveting. Clearly something bad happened to her. I don’t believe that Ms. [Rachel] Mitchell’s cross really gave us any clear answers,” Kane said on CNN’s “New Day” Friday.

Kavanaugh and Ford testified Thursday in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“And then enter my friend Brett Kavanaugh and he brought the energy we needed,” Kane said. “To my mind he put down every charge one by one. The who, what, when, where, why was clearly addressed and it reinforced what I already knew — that he’s just not capable of doing this. To the day I die I will believe that he did not do this.”

Kane claimed he was tight-knit with Kavanaugh and their group of friends.

“There are other reasons. In our circle those days, I pretty much knew what those five or six guys were doing at every moment and there was no memory of this. It didn’t happen,” he said. “Plus, our network, our community, the Catholic school kids, we would have known. These things stick.”

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Co-host John Berman tried to challenge Kane’s assertion and asked if Kavanaugh would have been fully truthful with him about sexually assaulting someone.

“Somebody would have told me,” Kane said. “John, what did you do yesterday? ‘Oh, we got all banged up during the day and a couple of Holton girls came over and one of them ran out.’ I would remember that, okay?”

Berman stumbled as he tried to find the words to respond, but Kane spoke over him.

“The women we hung out with in those days were not to be trifled with them. You don’t trifle with them now.  You didn’t trifle with them then. If you upset one of them, you upset them all and you’re done,” Kane concluded.

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