Why Did Your Friend Say Kavanaugh Never Assaulted You? Christine Ford: “She Has Health Issues”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 27, 2018   |   3:05PM   |   Washington, DC

During an unbelievable exchange before the Senate Judiciary Committee today, sex crimes attorney Rachel Mitchell asked Christine Ford why her best friend said Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh never assaulted her.

Ford’s answer stunned watchers: Because she has health issues.

As her testimony was winding down, Ford was pressed by questioner Rachel Mitchell about how the four people named by Ford as being at the party have said they have no memory of the event. She dismissed the significance of that, saying “nothing remarkable happened” to two of them that evening; the other two are the ones being accused.

And in a striking moment, Ford said the one female there, her friend Leland Ingham, has “significant health challenges” and is getting treatment. Ford said Ingham texted her an apology following her statement claiming no recollection of the party, while saying she wouldn’t expect her to remember the incident since she was downstairs.

One conservative writer noted that Ford’s testimony, which relies only on witnesses as proof, has totally unraveled.

Every person Ford identified as being at the party has signed sworn statements that it didn’t happen, including Ford’s female friend who supposedly was there that night. Those are facts that are not dependent on what Ford subjectively believes. She happens to believe something that is not true, which is why she might avoid a polygraph result reflecting deception.

Ford basically accused her best friend Leland Keyser of submitting a false statement about the party not happening. She said Leland has health problems and just wanted her lawyer to take care of it. Mitchell never followed up on this bombshell. Incompetent.

Ford’s lawyers and Democrats repeatedly lied to Republicans on the committee. Ford’s lawyers said she wasn’t available to testify earlier because she is afraid of flying. But the testimony was that she flew to D.C. earlier in the summer and regularly flies on airplanes, including long flights overseas. Republicans offered to travel to interview her in California, which offer was rejected, but she didn’t even know it had been offered.

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Ford going public was much more planned than we were led to believe. She hired lawyers and took a polygraph during late July and early August. Why do that if not expecting to go public?

The comment drew guffaws from Twitter.