Kavanaugh Rips Democrats: “You’ve Destroyed My Family” But “I Will Not be Intimidated Into Withdrawing”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 27, 2018   |   4:18PM   |   Washington, DC

Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh ripped pro-abortion Democrats pushing false allegations that he sexually assaulted Christine Ford or other women as both destroying his family and the political process.

“This confirmation process has become a national disgrace,” Kavanaugh said during his opening statement before the Senate Judiciary Committee.

“The Constitution gives the Senate an important role in the confirmation process. But you have replaced advise and consent with search and destroy,” he continued.

“Over the past few days, other false and uncorroborated accusations have been aired. There has been a frenzy to come up with something — anything, no matter how far-fetched or odious—that will block a vote on my nomination. These are last-minute smears, pure and simple. They debase our public discourse. And the consequences extend beyond any one nomination. Such grotesque and obvious character assassination — if allowed to succeed — will dissuade competent and good people of all political persuasions from serving our country,” Kavanaugh said.

He lectured the political activists who are destroying his good name and his family, saying, “As I told this Committee the last time I appeared before you, a federal judge must be independent, not swayed by public or political pressure. That is the kind of judge I am and will always be. I will not be intimidated into withdrawing from this process. This effort to destroy my good name will not drive me out. The vile threats of violence against my family will not drive me out. I am here this morning to answer these allegations and to tell the truth. And the truth is that I have never sexually assaulted anyone — not in high school, not in college, not ever.”

He called the “two-week effort” a “calculated and orchestrated political hit, fueled with apparent pent-up anger about”how he might decided cases on the Supreme Court.

He pointed his finger at abortion activists saying they are lying about how “people will die” if he is confirmed.

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“The behavior of several of the Democratic members of this committee at my hearing a few weeks ago was an embarrassment, but at least it was just a good old-fashioned attempt at Borking,” Kavanaugh told the committee, referencing Robert Bork, who was nominated to the Supreme Court by President Ronald Reagan in 1987.

Kavanaugh noted that the actions of Democratic senators during the course of his nomination process would have an impact on Americans watching it proceed, telling the lawmakers “your words have meaning.”

“Millions of Americans listen to you,” he said.

“Some of you were lying in wait and had it ready,” Kavanaugh said of the allegation. “…You sowed the wind for decades to come. I fear the whole country will reap the whirlwind.”

“You may defeat me in the final vote, but you’ll never get me to quit,” Kavanaugh said. “Never.”