Kavanaugh Attorney on Julie Swetnick: “He’s Never Met Her.” Witnesses Say Swetnick’s Claims are False

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 26, 2018   |   3:05PM   |   Washington, DC

Beth Wilkinson, attorney for Brett Kavanaugh, spoke with CNN’s Wolf Blitzer this afternoon about the latest allegations against Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

The lawyer for porn star Stormy Daniels, Michael Avenatti, says he is representing a woman who claims Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh watched as teenager boys at a high school party gang raped her. But the claims Julie Swetnick makes in an affidavit are full of holes and, like those of Christine Ford and Deborah Ramierz, offer no proof, no evidence, no recordings, and not witnesses.

The allegations, from a woman identified as Julie Swetnick were made public by Avenatti on Thursday morning. Avenatti posted Swetnick’s three-page sworn declaration on Twitter.

Swetnick alleges that during the years 1981-1983 she was at several parties that Kavanaugh also attended. Swetnick writes that she observed Kavanaugh drink, pressing himself against girls without their consent and engaged in other such behavior. Swetnick claims that she was raped at one party that Kavanaugh attended.

But Kavaaugh’s attornet (pictured) tells CNN the claims are false, explaining hat Kavanaugh has never met Swetnik and that witnesses say she was never at the parties where she alleges the misconduct took place.

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“He’s outraged, as you might imagine, by this latest allegation. He has never met this woman, he doesn’t know Ms. Swetnick, he didn’t go to parties with her,” she said.

“What’s shocking about this,” she said, “is the lack of detail, the outrageous allegations, and the timing of this.”

Wilkinson said she’s received calls from people who went to high school with Kavanaugh and “no one remembers seeing her at any of the parties they attended.”

“They’re absolutely serious allegations if they’re true,” she said. “But if that’s so, there’s no excuse for her lawyer not going straight to the police. There’s no one stopping any investigation, and any lawyer worth their salt would put their client’s interests first and go straight to the police or to the FBI.”

Wilkinson questioned why Swetnik, and the other alleged victims, never went to law enforcement to report these sexual assaults and hold the assailants responsible.

“As an attorney, your obligation is to your client, and if you believe that these crimes were committed against your client, you should go immediately to law enforcement… Ask yourself why he didn’t go to law enforcement? Why is there almost no detail in that affidavit whatsoever?”

She also questioned why no one ever came forward to report the rapes if the events that Swetnik says happened actually happened.

“It’s outrageous. Really, you witnessed gang rapes and you never said anything? You have never come forward?”