Elizabeth Warren Promotes Abortion While Campaigning for “Pro-Life” Democrat Bob Casey

National   |   Lauretta Brown   |   Sep 25, 2018   |   2:56PM   |   Washington, DC

Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-MA) campaigned Sunday in Pennsylvania for “pro-life” Democrat Sen. Bob Casey but praised a woman’s “right to make her own decisions about her body” in her speech.

“And here’s one for 2018—how many of you are here because you believe a woman ought to have the right to make her own decisions about her body?” Warren asked the crowd of volunteer Democratic canvassers, receiving loud applause.

While Sen. Bob Casey describes himself as pro-life, he has been scrutinized for his support of funding for Planned Parenthood, the nation’s largest abortion provider.

He has voted along with Planned Parenthood 75 percent of the time since 2011, Politico noted.

“I think it’s clear to most people that the description of pro-life Democrat is accurate. I’ve been very consistent,” Casey told Politico in July. “What it means is I try to support policies that help women and children both before and after birth. Part of that is making sure you are honest about differences but also at the same time trying to focus on ways to reduce both the number of abortions and the number of unwanted pregnancies, and I think my record reflects that.”

Sen. Casey’s Republican opponent pro-life Republican Rep. Lou Barletta (PA) describes Casey as having a record that mirrors the extreme left’s views on abortion. He even compared Casey’s views on the matter to Sen. Warren’s views.

“Bob Casey Jr., when he was elected, was pro-life in his first term,” Barletta argued to Politico. “But he has moved so far left since then he has no record voting for life any longer. There is a misconception by some that he is still a moderate pro-life Democrat, and his record mirrors Elizabeth Warren’s.”

LifeNews Note: Lauretta Brown writes for Town Hall, where this column originally appeared.