Democrat Senator: Brett Kavanaugh Probably Guilty of Sexual Assault Because He Might Overturn Roe

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 24, 2018   |   10:00AM   |   Washington, DC

Hawaii’s pro-abortion Democrat senator said she believes U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh may be guilty of sexual assault because of his conservative opinions on abortion.

U.S. Sen. Mazie Hirono, who is on the Senate Judiciary Committee, spoke to CNN on Sunday about the three-decades-old sexual assault allegations against Kavanaugh. He has denied any wrongdoing.

“Doesn’t Kavanaugh have the same presumption of innocence as anyone else in America?” CNN’s Jake Tapper asked.

“I put his denial in the context of everything that I know about him in terms of how he approaches his cases,” Hirono replied.

She continued: “He has an ideological agenda. He is very outcome driven, and I can sit here and talk to you about some of the cases that exemplify his, in my view, inability to be fair … This is a person that is going to be sitting on our Supreme Court making decisions that will impact women’s reproductive choice. He is very much against women’s reproductive choice. … There are so many indications of his own lack of credibility.”

Tapper called out Hirono’s round-about response, saying, “It sounds to me that you are saying that because you don’t trust him on policy and because you don’t believe him when he says, for instance, that he doesn’t have an opinion on Roe v. Wade, you don’t believe him about this allegation about what happened at this party in 1982.”

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Other abortion activists also have presumed Kavanaugh’s guilt with little evidence. Last week, the abortion giant Planned Parenthood claimed even just allegations of sexual assault – with no proof – should be enough to disqualify Kavanaugh.

Their statements indicate that this chaos is not about truth or even justice for the alleged victim. It’s about elections and political power.

As Town Hall’s Matt Vespa wrote, “It’s not about the truth. It’s about delaying, getting the base animated, and hopefully retaking both chambers of Congress without really peering through the veracity of this charge.”

For abortion activists, it also is about continuing to secure their power to abort unborn babies for basically any reason up to birth.

Fox News’s Brit Hume said as much in response to Hirono’s comments Sunday night.

“Listen to this: it all comes back to one issue: abortion,” he said.