Abortion Activists Hosting “March for Choice” to Celebrate Abortions

International   |   Christina Vazquez   |   Sep 24, 2018   |   12:21PM   |   Dublin, Ireland

Even after the last legal protections for the unborn have been stripped away in Ireland, abortion activists plan to march later this month to celebrate abortions.

JOE News reports the annual March for Choice in Ireland will take place on Sept. 29. The event, hosted by Ireland’s Abortion Rights Campaign, is said to be “a chance to celebrate the successes of the pro-choice, pro-change movement in Ireland,” according to the event organizers.

Last week, Irish President Michael D. Higgins signed an amendment to repeal the Eighth Amendment, which recognized unborn babies as valuable human beings and prohibited abortions.

The theme of the march is “Free Safe Legal,” demonstrating that the pro-choice movement is beyond the choice of abortion.

“It will also be a time to acknowledge that, practically, nothing has changed since the 25 May,” the ARC says.

Even though the Eighth Amendment was overturned last week in Ireland, abortion is not technically legal yet. Government leaders now are pushing the legislature to pass a radical pro-abortion bill that would legalize elective abortions and force taxpayers to pay for them, according to Breaking News Ireland.

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Health Minister Simon Harris, who is pro-abortion, said he wants abortions to be legal and free of charge to women by the beginning of 2019. In other words, taxpayers would be forced to pay for elective abortions under his plan.

“I said from the start that I don’t want cost to be a barrier because if cost is a barrier you get into a situation where one of two things happen,” Harris said. “You see private clinics develop, we don’t want that to happen in Ireland we want this to be part of an integrated health service, and secondly you can see people having to continue to travel.”

Harris also stated that all hospitals — including Catholic hospitals — will be expected to perform abortions, leaving no room for conscientious objections. The health minister also stated that it was “regrettable” to suggest that doctors would have full freedom of conscience in regards to performing abortions.

Clearly, the Irish government leaders’ agenda goes beyond merely being pro-choice. Rather, this radical pro-abortion legislation shows that abortion activists want to enforce pro-abortion and pro-death policies.