New Pro-Abortion Billboards Say Christians “Love Those Who Have Abortions”

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 20, 2018   |   11:42AM   |   Washington, DC

New billboards are popping up across Oklahoma attempting to justify the killing of unborn babies in religious terms.

A project of the pro-abortion group Oklahoma Call for Reproductive Justice, the billboards say things like “People of faith love those who have abortions” and “God loves those who have abortions,” The Oklahoman reports. They also include the pro-abortion group’s website.

Eight billboards are up around Interstate 35 and Interstate 44 north and south of Oklahoma City, according to the report. The pro-abortion group also plans to run radio and digital ads with similar messages and hopes to drum up news media attention.

Organizers said they want to combat “abortion stigma” and show women who have had abortions that local people of faith support them and their decision.

“In short, we believe you can support abortion rights because of your faith, not in spite of it,” the pro-abortion group wrote on its blog.

The project has the support of several Jewish rabbis and non-denominational church ministers in the area, News 9 in Oklahoma City reports.

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“God says love thy neighbor. A merciful and loving God will support, love and guide those who decide to have an abortion. We must do the same,” the group says on its website.

In the minds of abortion activists, loving “thy neighbor” only relates to the mother and not the second human being in every pregnancy situation, the unborn child. Pro-lifers – both religious and secular – believe both human beings deserve love and support. And love never means committing violence against a vulnerable, defenseless human being, born or unborn.