New Pro-Abortion Billboards Say “God Loves Those Who Have Abortions”

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 19, 2018   |   5:33PM   |   Oklahom City, OK

Religious pro-lifers may agree with the statement but certainly not the intent behind it.

New billboards along the interstates in Oklahoma City tell women, “God Loves Those Who Have Abortions,” but their intent is to promote abortions, not God’s love for all human beings and forgiveness for those who earnestly seek it.

News 9 in Oklahoma City reports the billboards are a project of the pro-abortion group Oklahoma Call for Reproductive Justice. Organizers said they want to combat “abortion stigma” and show women who have had abortions that local people of faith support them and their decision.

“In short, we believe you can support abortion rights because of your faith, not in spite of it,” the pro-abortion group wrote on its blog.

The group also plans to run digital and radio ads with the same message and hopes to drum up news media attention. The billboards went up Monday and are slated to be up for a month, spokeswoman Emma Newberry-Davis said.

The project has the support of several Jewish rabbis and non-denominational church ministers in the area, according to the report.

Weirdly, in its defense of abortion, the pro-abortion group claimed some faith traditions do not just accept and respect abortion but “mandate” it.

“In nearly every major faith tradition there are circumstances when abortion is an accepted and respected choice. There are even times when it is a mandate. When individuals seek to universally end or limit abortion rights for all women based on a particular understanding of God, faith, or religion, others suffer. Just as some faithful may choose not to end a pregnancy based on an understanding of faith and God, others may choose abortion consistent with the teachings of faith and under the guidance of a loving relationship with God.”

There is no faith, much less a major religion, that mandates that women abort their unborn babies.

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As to suffering, the argument fails when presented with scientific evidence that unborn babies are living, unique human beings and faith-based evidence that they are valuable creatures to God. In Judaeo-Christian teachings, babies in the womb also are created in God’s image and deserving of the same protections as human beings who are born.

The pro-abortion group is right that God loves women who have had abortions, but many people of faith reject that God loves abortions. Instead, they believe that every human being, born and unborn, is a valuable creature in God’s eyes.