Tucker Carlson Slams Bogus Allegations Against Brett Kavanaugh: “It’s All About Abortion”

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Sep 18, 2018   |   11:36AM   |   Washington, DC

During his program last night, Fox News’s Tucker Carlson said Christine Blasey Ford‘s sexual harassment accusations against Brett Kavanaugh have nothing to do with justice and everything to do with pro-abortion Democrats’ opposition to Kavanaugh based on its fears he will overturn Roe v. Wade.

Carlson lambasted congressional Democrats for the “entirely political” timing of Ford’s letter and called into question Ford’s veracity about her claim that Kavanaugh attempted to sexuall assault her despite no evidence or corroboration of her story — saying “Human memory is notoriously unreliable especially over time.”

“Past a certain point, the past is unknowable, and that’s why we have statutes of limitation for crimes – not because our desire for justice dims, but because the chance of achieving it does,” Carlson said. “This story doesn’t have anything to do with justice actually or even what Brett Kavanaugh may have done in high school. Underneath it all, anyone who lives in Washington can tell you it’s about abortion.”

“The larger lesson of this moment – and actually the past two years – is that the left will not abide losing power even temporarily. For liberals, political power is personal power and without it, they are exposed and terrified… If they are not in charge they will burn it down which is what they are doing now,” he added.

Carlson said this dustup is really about trashing Kavanaugh over abortion – “whatever the story is, it’s not about protecting women.”

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Full Transcript:

TUCKER CARLSON (HOST): What about the core story itself? What happened in the early 80’s in suburban Maryland? Well come to your own conclusions, people will come to their own conclusions but for this show we are not dismissing Christine Ford as a liar. It doesn’t seem like she it. It seems like she sincerely believes everything she’s saying. But that doesn’t mean she’s right. Human memory is notoriously unreliable especially over time. What were you doing one drunk night in the spring of 1982? Don’t remember clearly? Of course you don’t, it’s been thirty six years. Past a certain point the past is unknowable and that’s why we have statutes of limitation for crimes. Not because our desire for justice dims but because the chance of achieving it does. Everybody knows this, the left included. The story doesn’t have anything to do with justice actually, or even with what Brett Kavanaugh might have done in high school. Underneath it all, anyone who lives in Washington can tell you it’s about abortion.

Does anyone really believe this story would have surfaced if Brett Kavanaugh had pledged allegiance to Roe v Wade? Of course it wouldn’t have. Some of the very same people suggesting that Kavanaugh is a sex criminal once defended Bill Clinton when he was credibly accused of rape. The same group practically beatified Ted Kennedy and Kennedy you’ll remember once killed a woman. Not metaphorically killed her but literally killed her. And yet Clinton and Kennedy supported abortion in all cases and therefore the left treated them as heroes and swept, speaking of under the rug, their crimes into the dustbin of memory. Kavanaugh though may not support Roe v Wade, we don’t really know. Therefore he must be destroyed, it’s pretty straight forward. Whatever the story is, it’s not about protecting women. Don’t buy that spin. The larger lesson though of this moment and actually the past two years is that the left will not abide losing power even temporarily.

The Senate Judiciary Committee will hold a hearing on Monday judge Brett Kavanaugh to clear his name of the false allegations that he supposedly sexually assaulted a woman 35 years ago.