Awesome Photo Shows Hundreds of People Celebrating Life at Switzerland March for Life

International   |   Christina Vazquez   |   Sep 17, 2018   |   3:24PM   |   Zurich, Switzerland

Pro-life supporters in Switzerland gathered in front of the Swiss Parliament in Bern for the annual March for Life.

According to Evangelical Focus News, the ninth annual Swiss March for Life, held on Sept. 15, centered around the theme “The Pain After Abortion.” About 1,500 people attended, the report states.

More than 10,000 babies are aborted every year in Switzerland. The nation also is widely known for its legal assisted suicide procedures.

Women gave testimonies about the post-abortion syndrome that they experienced, elaborating about the consequences of aborting an unborn baby on a woman’s life.

“The more I tried to suppress my feelings, the more my depression grew,” one of the women said, according to news agency Idea.

Member of Parliament Andrea Geissbühler of the Swiss People’s Party also spoke and advocated for responsible, loving relationships as a way to reduce abortions.

“It does not make sense that in a time of information like ours, thousands of babies are aborted,” she said.

During the march, pro-life advocates launched a petition to ask the Swiss Parliament to inform the public about the consequences of abortion, based on research data. The petition called for the information to be shared in schools, universities and medical centers.

Despite the success of the event, counter-protesters attempted to disrupt it. Leftist and anarchist groups called for a boycott of the Swiss March for Life, according to the report. Some had even threatened to incite violence at the gathering, which led to the creation of a security area by police, the report states.

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About 300 abortion activists gathered to counter-protest in Bern, but the group was monitored by police officers and was unable to reach Parliament square, where the pro-life events were being held.

In a nation where the culture of death has led to “suicide tourism,” the success of events like this past weekend’s March for Life indicate that there is hope for Switzerland. If people continue to fight for those who cannot defend themselves, there is hope for a change in the culture, to bring forth a nation that respects life.