Woman Who Aborted Her Baby for Birth Control Says “I Don’t Regret My Abortion”

Opinion   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 14, 2018   |   5:38PM   |   Washington, DC

Kirsten West Savali says she does not regret her abortion but her story strongly hints of it.

This week, KUOW Radio published Savali’s abortion story, an excerpt from the new “Shout Your Abortion” coffee table book.

A mother of four, including her aborted baby, Savali said she felt both fear and joy when she learned that she was pregnant for a fourth time.

“The thought of growing big with another child, one who would maybe have our eldest son’s face, our middle son’s smile, and our youngest son’s hair—with her fingers curled around my mine as she nursed for the first time—filled me with a joy so deep I felt dizzy,” she wrote.

But she let concerns about finances and her older children’s safety consume her.

Savali wrote:

As I looked around the dark bedroom, my eyes focused on nothing. I couldn’t really see my husband’s face as I told him that we were pregnant again, but I felt his body go still.

I gripped the sheets tighter as I felt my brain turn off my heart. “You know what we have to do,” I said. “I’ve already called the abortion clinic, we can go Wednesday.”

My husband, who I’d met when I was 19 years old, turned to me and asked quietly, “Are you sure?” No, I wasn’t sure. I just knew that we had three sons growing as fast as the pile of bills stuffed inside of my purse and in a drawer in the kitchen.

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Savali blamed racism, capitalism and a lack of good healthcare for her choice to abort her fourth child.

“I do not regret my decision not to carry my pregnancy to term. I wish there had been another way,” she said.

Later, she concluded: “I wish I hadn’t felt so guilty for not wanting to have another baby, but I made the decision that was right for me and for my family. And I am so glad that I had the choice.”

No matter how big her struggles, her unborn baby deserved a chance at life. And her abortion did not erase those struggles. Their finances did not immediately change, and fears about racism and her older children’s safety did not go away. The only thing her abortion did was destroy her unborn baby’s life. Even if an abortion would somehow magically produce better finances and stability for a woman and her family, it still would not justify the intentional killing of a unique, living unborn baby.

Pro-life pregnancy centers offer women support so they do not feel pressured to choose. Many provide free pregnancy tests, diapers, maternity clothes, cribs and more to help families through difficult financial times. Most help women sign up for public assistance as well and can help them find jobs, school aid and other means of helping them and their children to succeed.

Abortions do not solve financial problems or relationship problems or other struggles that women face. They just destroy a baby’s life and leave the woman to continue fending for herself, alone and without her child.