Evangelist Franklin Graham: “Abortion is the Killing of a Child in the Womb”

National   |   Christina Vazquez   |   Sep 10, 2018   |   4:40PM   |   Washington, DC

Days after a Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate likened abortion to a standard medical procedure, evangelist Franklin Graham called out leaders across the nation for promoting a “culture of death.”

The statement in question came from Tony Evers, a Democrat gubernatorial candidate who is running against pro-life Republican Gov. Scott Walker this November.

While pushing for taxpayer-funded abortions, Evers stated in an interview with The Weekly Standard that abortions are similar to tonsillectomies:

Evers told The Weekly Standard that “pro-life Democrats are welcome in the party, and I respect their decisions on this issue.”

Evers then proceeded to compare abortions to tonsillectomies while advocating for unlimited taxpayer funding of elective abortion under Medicaid.

“We need to have the Medicaid money be available for all people and restricting it because of a certain procedure, whether it’s a tonsillectomy or any other procedure, seems to me a foolhardy thing to do,” Evers told me.

On Sept. 4, Graham fired back on Facebook, saying that the comparison was “unbelievable.”

“An abortion is the killing of a child in the womb, intentionally ending a life. Taxpayers paying for tonsil removal is not at all the same as paying for an abortion,” Graham said.

The evangelist continued by calling out leaders who have ceased to advocate for life.

“Far too many people who want to be governors, legislators, professors, and teachers in this nation have fallen prey to a culture of death philosophy. They are denying the worth of millions of children made in the image of God,” he wrote.

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The evangelist has been a vocal defender for life for quite some time. The son of the late Rev. Billy Graham, he has encouraged Americans to pray for government leaders to make a change in the defense of life, and also has held politicians accountable for their actions.

“Sin has an enormous price,” he said in 2015. “Our nation will one day have to answer to God for the millions of innocent lives taken by abortion, and that applies to every politician who voted for and defended abortion. Thankfully though, no sin is too great for God’s forgiveness — even murder.”