Head of Pro-Abortion Women’s March Makes Absurd Claim Kavanaugh Will Take Away Women’s Right to Vote

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Sep 7, 2018   |   5:45PM   |   Washington, DC

A leader of the pro-abortion Women’s March was really grasping for new ways to attack U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh when she claimed he could jeopardize women’s voting rights.

Bob Bland, co-president of the Women’s March, made the baseless claim Friday in an interview with The Hill.

“Women are concerned with more than just Roe [v. Wade] – our reproductive rights are just one of the many types of rights that we stand to lose under Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court nomination,” Bland told Hill.TV.

She said Kavanaugh, who could be the fifth conservative justice on the high court, if confirmed, is a “danger to women.”

Then, Bland claimed Kavanaugh could even threaten women’s voting rights – a ridiculous, fear-mongering statement meant to further the less popular pro-abortion agenda. It would be laughable if she was not serious.

“Women are afraid for their equal rights, for voting rights, for the rollback of Civil Rights – there’s so many different ways a Kavanaugh confirmation could hurt women,” Bland said.

The abortion industry has legitimate concerns about how Kavanaugh could rule on abortion cases. Kavanaugh has served on the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for D.C. for more than a decade, where he developed an extensive record of protecting religious liberty and enforcing restrictions on abortion. Pro-life leaders believe he would do the same on the Supreme Court. For the abortion industry, that could mean a huge loss of business.

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However, there is no basis for Bland’s claims that Kavanaugh or any of the other four conservative justices would try to hinder or block women from voting, a right they have had since 1920.

Abortion activists are desperately trying to stop Kavanaugh’s confirmation, and are trying brash new strategies to do so, including disrupting the Senate hearings. If confirmed, Kavanaugh could swing the court to a solid conservative majority and open up the possibility of more abortion restrictions and the overturning of Roe v. Wade.

His confirmation would be bad news for the abortion industry, but good news for the future of unborn babies and their mothers.