Group Defends Billboards Telling Black Women Abortion is “Self-Care.” Says They Celebrate Abortions

National   |   Christina Vazquez   |   Sep 5, 2018   |   12:24PM   |   Dallas, Texas

After receiving nationwide outcry over a billboard that celebrates abortion, a pro-abortion group in Dallas is defending its decision to release the campaign.

This past weekend, a representative from the pro-abortion Afiya Center defended their decision to put up the billboard in Dallas, Texas.

“We wanted to create conversation,” Executive Director Marsha Jones said in an interview with NBC 5 in Dallas. “I will be honest and say in a million years, I didn’t think that it would be this visceral.”

The billboard in question reads, “Black women take care of their families by taking care of themselves. Abortion is self-care,” along with the hashtag #TrustBlackWomen.

Many pro-life activists took to social media to voice their shock regarding the billboard and how it likened the killing of unborn babies to something like a “spa day.”

Jones claimed the billboard was not meant to promote abortions. Rather, she said: “It was to affirm women who’ve had abortions. It was an opportunity for women who’ve had those abortions to say, this is what I needed to do for me, in order to be whole.”

The Afiya Center put up the billboard in response to one released by the National Black Pro-Life Coalition in Dallas, which read: “Abortion is not health care. It hurts women and murders their babies.”

The pro-life billboard had been put up to spread the truth about abortion in Dallas. Statistics show higher numbers of abortions in the black community than other racial groups, according to data from Texas Health and Human Services.

On the Afiya Center’s website, Jones released a statement about why they erected the billboard:

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“Putting a billboard like this one in an area full of Black women is a gesture that will not go unchecked…We know exactly what we need to do to keep our families, communities, and selves afloat, all you need to do is: trust Black women. Or leave us be.”

The black community always has been a target for abortion, ever since Planned Parenthood’s inception. Planned Parenthood’s founder, Margaret Sanger, was an advocate for eugenics and openly spoke about “exterminating the Negro population.”

>Today, there are more deaths in the black community nationwide via abortion than there are deaths from the top 15 leading causes, according to the Radiance Foundation.

While Jones and the Afiya Center may insist that the billboard was to affirm women who have had abortions, the killing of unborn babies is not self-care. Research shows that many women suffer after they have abortions, and unborn babies always suffer cruel, unnecessary deaths in abortions.