Woman’s Husband Drugs Her and Aborts Her Baby in Their Bedroom Because The Baby’s a Girl

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 31, 2018   |   5:48PM   |   Nigeria

A Nigerian woman recently related a horrifying story of abuse, manipulation and a coerced sex-selection abortion to a radio host in the African country.

“The Talk with Vanessa” host Vanessa Willie recently interviewed a heartbroken mother who left her husband.

The woman told Willie that she endured years of abuse from her husband, a man who she once believed loved her deeply. She said her husband is a gynecologist, and they had two daughters together.

But she said her husband became manipulative and abusive, driving her to thoughts of suicide. She said he beat her in front of her children and nearly starved her on several occasions.

“Those abuses really affected me. It affected me, I was depressed,” she said. “And this has been happening for years.”

Among the most horrific parts of her story, the woman said her husband coerced her into having a sex-selection abortion. Soon after giving birth to her second daughter, she said she became pregnant again.

“I think the pregnancy was just two weeks,” she told Willie. “He said since we have had two already, I will carry the pregnancy until maybe five months and then I’m going to take the sex of the baby and if it’s a female, I’m going to remove it. If it’s a male, I’m going to keep the baby.”

At first, she said she did not take him seriously, but she increasingly grew afraid for her child.

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After a few months, she said a scan revealed that she was having a baby girl. She said he threatened her and then coerced her into taking abortion drugs.

She said when she began experiencing contractions, her husband injected more drugs into her leg. Eventually, she gave birth to a dead baby. She said her husband took the baby’s body, wrapped it in a cloth and left with the body, returning a few hours later.

“I was like, God, just for me to keep my marriage. He was my first love, and I gave him everything,” she told the host in tears.

Eventually, she said a few good friends helped her leave her husband, and now she is slowly recovering from the years of abuse.

Research has found that many women and girls are forced or coerced to abort their unborn babies. One study indicated about 60 percent of abortions are coerced or forced. Other research has linked domestic violence to abortion.