Man Reportedly Killed His Pregnant Ex-Girlfriend Because She Refused to Have Abortion

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 28, 2018   |   6:13PM   |   Salt Lake City, UT

A Utah man is facing murder charges this week for allegedly killing his pregnant ex-girlfriend and her young son, supposedly because she refused to abort their unborn baby.

KSL News reports Christopher Richard Poulson, 28, of Smithfield, Utah, is charged with murdering Emily Quijano Almiron and her 3-year-old son in 2015.

Authorities said they never found their bodies. It is unclear from the report if Almiron was pregnant or just suspected that she was. The report does not mention any charges related to an unborn baby’s death.

On Monday, a former coworker testified to hearing Almiron and Poulson argue about an abortion not long before Almiron went missing, according to the local news.

Here’s more from the report:

On a September Monday three years ago, Christopher Richard Poulson came to the Orem Carraba’s Italian Grill where Emily Quijano Almiron worked and told her they couldn’t have a baby at the time, urging her to get an abortion, according to a written statement from her coworker that was read aloud in 4th District Court.

“Chris, I’m not getting an abortion. The damage is already done,” the coworker, also a friend of Almiron’s, recalled her saying. “She seemed embarrassed that the man she loved would act that way,” the statement continued.

Almiron did not return to work after that day, even though her boss told investigators she had called in the past when she had to miss a shift, testified Joshua Adams, a former Orem detective on the case and the current police chief in Lindon. Almiron also confided in a second friend she may be pregnant, according to another statement the woman provided to Orem police.

Almiron and Poulson broke up four days before she went missing on Sept. 12, 2015, according to police. Poulson told authorities that he ended the relationship because Almiron was abusing drugs.

Authorities said Almiron’s ex-husband reported her missing when he became concerned about her and their young son’s whereabouts. According to authorities, the ex-husband texted her on Sept. 10 but never received a response.

The report states that Poulson sold his 2000 Ford Mustang soon afterward and later moved to a different state. According to investigators, they eventually found the vehicle, and a cadaver dog signaled the possibility that a dead body may have been stored in the trunk area.

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Violence against pregnant women and their unborn babies is disturbingly common. LifeNews has reported numerous crime stories where men allegedly murdered or attempted to murder their pregnant partners after they refused to abort their unborn babies.

In 2017, a Hawaii jury convicted a man of murdering his pregnant ex-girlfriend after prosecutors said he stabbed her to death for refusing to abort their unborn child.

Also in 2017, a California jury found a man guilty of first- and second-degree murder after he allegedly hired a hitman to kill his pregnant girlfriend and their unborn son after she refused to have an abortion.

Others have used sneakier methods. Earlier this year, a Virginia doctor was convicted of spiking his pregnant girlfriend’s drink with an abortion drug, killing their unborn baby. Dr. Sikander Imran was sentenced to three years in prison after pleading guilty to fetal homicide.

In the United States, one in six women is first abused during pregnancy, according to the Centers for Disease Control. As LifeNews previously reported, one study found that as many as 64 percent of post-abortive women say they felt pressure to have an abortion.