Planned Parenthood Clinic Loses Its License Because It Can’t Find Anyone to Kill Babies in Abortions

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 27, 2018   |   10:21AM   |   Kansas City, Missouri

A Missouri Planned Parenthood can’t abort unborn babies any more after it lost its license earlier this month.

The Kansas City facility has been struggling to find a new abortionist since March. Without one, the abortion facility was not able to complete its annual state inspection in June, a requirement for licensure.

KCUR reports the Kansas City facility’s license expired on Aug. 10 because of the incomplete inspection.

Recently, the facility managed to find a new abortionist, but the Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services says it must begin the inspection process again to receive a new license, according to the report.

Planned Parenthood complained about the inspection requirement, telling the news outlet that it already addressed the deficiencies that state inspectors found.

“We met our deadlines and submitted things to them as requested and, without any other information from the department, we hear that our license has expired, with no response to our application until after the date of expiration,” said Emily Wales, chief compliance lawyer for the abortion chain.

Not having an abortionist was just one of several deficiencies that state health inspectors discovered. Another involved the facility’s compliance with the state informed consent law, which requires that patients receive information about abortion risks and alternatives, the report states. The facility also is not in compliance with a law requiring admitting privileges to a nearby hospital in case of patient emergencies.

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A Planned Parenthood spokesperson said they have been referring patients to other facilities for abortions.

The Kansas City facility had been open for only nine months when it closed because it could not find anyone willing to abort unborn babies. According to Operation Rescue, the abortion facility did abortions twice a week, but its abortion numbers were lower than expected and many women did not return for abortion appointments after the state mandated 72-hour waiting period.

The pro-life group reported:

For example, during their first week of abortion services last September, eight out of eleven women who received informed consent for abortions failed to return, thanks to pro-life activists who offered assistance and information to Planned Parenthood’s potential abortion customers.

This leaves only two communities in Missouri that still conduct abortions. While the Reproductive Health Services Planned Parenthood facility in St. Louis facility remains busy, the Columbia facility only conducts abortions two days per month, according to local pro-life leader Kath Forck, who heads up the 40 Days for Life campaigns there.

Planned Parenthood also had plans to open abortion facilities in Joplin and Springfield, but it has not been able to meet licensing requirements at those locations either.