San Antonio Considers Naming Planned Parenthood Abortionist as Its Medical Director

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 15, 2018   |   5:38PM   |   San Antonio, Texas

Pro-life advocates are urging the City Council of San Antonio, Texas to reject an abortionist as its local medical authority.

The council first appointed Chichi Junda Woo, a former abortionist for Planned Parenthood, as medical director for the San Antonio Metropolitan Health District in 2015. However, it later reversed the vote after pro-life advocates voiced concerns; instead, Woo took on a lower level position within the health district, according to The Rivard Report.

Now, the San Antonio Family Association and other pro-lifers are asking the council not to reconsider Woo for the position. A vote is likely Thursday.

“One would have to inquire as to how an ABORTIONIST is qualified to serve in such a position,” the pro-life organization said in an email to supporters. “Does the City Council believe that ABORTION is an ‘essential health service’? When is the ability to terminate pregnancy considered a proper qualification for the person tasked with being the Local Health Authority?”

The job of the local health authority is to “diagnose, investigate, and monitor community health hazards and enforce laws and rules that protect community health,” according to the local news.

The pro-life organization urged the community to speak out and contact their council members ahead of the vote.

However, a local health authority defended Woo in a statement to the news outlet:

Metro Health Director Colleen Bridger told the Rivard Report that the City health department began a search to fill the position when she became department head in 2017. The local health authority position requires a medical doctor to complete state reports for infectious disease and medication distribution programs, and Woo had been overseeing these programs for San Antonio since being appointed the medical director. Out of the pool of candidates, Woo was the best person to fulfill the role, Bridger said.

“She has done an exemplary job as medical director, and she had the best understanding of public health,” Bridger said. “[Woo’s] previous employment working for Planned Parenthood does not have anything to with this particular addition to her job duties. She has had no relationship with Planned Parenthood for at least the last 18 months.”

Patrick Von Dohlen, president of the pro-life organization, told the news outlet he wonders if Woo has had access to vulnerable young women or referred them to Planned Parenthood in her current role.

This new role would give Woo “a position of prominence and prestige that condones her illicit, immoral, and downright evil killing of unborn human babies,” Von Dohlen said.

The pro-life group said the appointment of Woo also would signal the city council’s support of the killing of unborn babies. It noted that Mayor Ron Nirenberg has supported Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion chain in America, for years.

“The appointment of an ABORTIONIST, who has been employed by Planned Parenthood to the position of Local Health Authority sends a clear message that Mayor Ron Nirenberg and the City Council of San Antonio hold that abortion is an essential service,” the pro-life group said in an email.

Action: Contact San Antonio City Council members at and encourage them NOT to support Chichi Junda Woo.