Heartbroken Pastor Laments: “52% of All African-American Pregnancies End in Abortion”

National   |   Christina Vazquez   |   Aug 15, 2018   |   2:00PM   |   Washington, DC

A recent article examines a tragedy that has occurred under Americans’ noses for far too long: abortion.

In an interview with OneNewsNow, Pastor Clenard Childress laments the massive loss of African-American lives in the United States to abortion.

According to the pro-abortion Guttmacher Institute, more than 20 million black women have had abortions since 1973.

“That’s Alan Guttmacher, which is still the research arm for Planned Parenthood. They are doing the statistics nationally and 52 percent of all African-American pregnancies end in abortion,” Childress says.

Research from the University of North Carolina of Charlotte also has shown that abortion accounts for 61 percent of the deaths of blacks in the United States, far surpassing heart disease and cancer, according to the report.

Childress, who works with the Life Education and Resource Network, has been an outspoken advocate for the pro-life movement for quite some time. He has spoken at many Walks for Life, and has been a vocal critic of the NAACP for its support of abortion. In a recent essay for LifeNews, Childress called abortion a “black genocide.”

The reverend suggests that there is one stark reason that has led to this mass killing of so many African-American youths.

“Planned Parenthood is in our schools,” he says. “There are many of the health curriculums coming from Planned Parenthood. They want to make abortion something that is a viable alternative to an untimed pregnancy. They’re also encouraging our young people to engage sexually.”

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Childress encourages pro-life advocates to become more of a presence within their communities. He says change can be made when pro-lifers attend school board meetings and PTA meetings and insist that students learn the dangers of the Planned Parenthood message. If pro-life messages are shared within the school setting, then there could be a shift in the number of abortions, especially within the African-American community, he argues.

There is hope. Childress says African-American pastors are increasingly speaking about the genocide of abortion to their own congregations. If this culture of death can be swayed, lives can be saved.