City Workers Make Gruesome Find, Discover Body of Dead Unborn Baby in Plastic Bag

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 14, 2018   |   11:53AM   |   South Africa

South African municipal workers recently made a horrific discovery: a dead baby’s body in a plastic bag.

The South African Health News Service reports the baby’s body was found in a plastic bread bag in a bin in the Gamagara Local Municipality district.

Police said they are investigating, but they have not made any arrests. The article refers to the baby as a fetus but does not give any indication of an approximate age or reason for the baby’s death.

However, the article linked the find to increased back alley and do-it-yourself abortion attempts in the region, claiming the horrific find “highlighted the issue of young women failing to access safe abortions at their local clinics and instead choosing other harmful solutions.”

Here’s more from the report:

The World Health Organization lists the most common reasons for foetus dumping as a lack of family support, teenage pregnancies, fear of rejection, lack of support from boyfriends, stigma and financial difficulties.

Girls discussing illegal termination of pregnancies and baby dumping at [a recent government-sponsored forum] said some of they had heard of girls using to terminate their pregnancies include boiling dirty five cent coins and drinking the water, drinking StaSoft fabric softener and chewing on newspaper.

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In response to these mentioned harmful practices, the girls were assured that adolescent and youth-friendly services will soon be in operation in the district.

But making abortions more readily available will not prevent these tragedies. It will only hide them from the public eye. Unborn babies still would be killed and disposed of like trash in abortion facilities; the public just would not see it happen.

Instead, what women and girls need is support for themselves and their babies. Fathers, families and communities should be encouraged to support pregnant and parenting mothers. In America, all 50 states have safe haven laws to protect babies from abandonment. And more than 2,000 pregnancy centers offer counseling, information and material support to struggling moms. There always are better solutions to hardship and tragedy than killing the most vulnerable member of the family.

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