Chelsea Clinton Headlines Pro-Abortion Rally Opposing Brett Kavanaugh

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 13, 2018   |   10:07AM   |   Washington, DC

Chelsea Clinton expressed deep gratitude Saturday for the life-destroying work promoted by the radical pro-abortion groups NARAL and Planned Parenthood.

Over the weekend, Clinton participated in a “Rise Up for Roe” rally with Planned Parenthood, NARAL and Demand Justice Initiative in New York City to protest U.S. Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Like her mother and father, Chelsea Clinton has been a strong advocate for abortion on demand. While campaigning for her mother in 2016, she defended the abortion giant Planned Parenthood, claiming, “We need to do everything we can to protect it.”

“Thank you #RiseUpForRoe for a great event today. Even more, deepest gratitude for all you, @PPact & @NARAL are doing to protect women’s rights to make the choices we think best for ourselves & our families. #NotGoingBack,” Clinton wrote Saturday on Twitter.

The Saturday event kicked off a 10-city tour that advertises itself to be an “uncensored, no-holds-barred live show” to “talk about the very real threat #Kavanaugh poses to abortion rights.” Other featured speakers include actress Alyssa Milano, U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren, former Michigan Gov. Jennifer Granholm, and prominent abortion activists.

The pro-abortion blog Jezebel described the protest this way:

At the end of the talk, Chelsea Clinton comes out to speak, and everyone stands up and cheers. People are taking photos and video; [Teen Vogue reporter Lauren] Duca asks Clinton about how she deals with online trolls, how she can be kind to others at a time like this, how we can continue to add supporters to the movement. Clinton talks, among other things, about how citizenship doesn’t just happen on voting day. She suggests that those who want to change things don’t just have to move others on the issue of abortion; they also have to move them on the very issue of getting out and voting, period.

But even the pro-abortion blogger expressed doubts about the power of the pro-abortion movement to stop Kavanaugh, writing: “I remember that there are just a handful of senators are considered swing votes on Kavanaugh’s confirmation, and I wonder what voting can do now. It certainly can’t prevent him from ascending to the Supreme Court.”

The pro-abortion lobby is working hard and spending big to prevent President Donald Trump from appointing a second conservative justice to the Supreme Court.

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Last week, The Hill reported Planned Parenthood plans to spend six figures on ads trashing Kavanaugh. That is in addition to its $30 million mid-term election budget.

Pro-abortion groups also are heavily lobbying swing-vote senators in the narrow Republican-majority Senate, including pro-abortion Republican Sens. Lisa Murkowski and Susan Collins and moderately pro-life Democrat Sens. Joe Manchin and Joe Donnelly.

Abortion activists fear and pro-life advocates hope Kavanaugh could be the fifth and deciding vote on the U.S. Supreme Court that would repeal Roe v. Wade and begin to restore protections for unborn babies.

A federal judge, Kavanaugh has served on the U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals for D.C. for more than a decade, where he developed an extensive record of protecting religious liberty and upholding restrictions on abortion. Pro-life leaders believe he would do the same on the U.S. Supreme Court.

National pro-life leaders have expressed high hopes for Kavanaugh and the future of unborn babies’ rights.