Woman Has Affair With Pastor, Dies After Botched Abortion When She Became Pregnant

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 10, 2018   |   11:04AM   |   Nigeria

A Nigerian mother of four and her unborn baby are dead after a botched abortion.

All Africa reports the woman, known only as Mama Sarah, 38, chose to abort her unborn baby after having an affair with a pastor in the Okhokhugbo community in Egor. She reportedly died at a hospital after suffering complications from a botched abortion.

Now, Ngbeken Elvis, a pastor who allegedly was having an affair with the woman and got her pregnant, has been arrested in relation to the incident.

“She asked me to move into their house three months ago before I could get an apartment and I was staying there,” the pastor said. “I am an orphan. I didn’t plan to get into this mess.

“She didn’t tell me she was pregnant. I was not aware she went to procure an abortion. I am really ashamed. I prayed to God to forgive me. I am now remorseful. She used to give me N1000 or N2000 to run errands for her,” he continued.

It is unclear what charges Elvis faces.

Vanguard NGR reports more:

Elvis, suspended by the church (name withheld), was having an affair with the deceased for over six months before the incident. Husband of the deceased is said to be based abroad, but built a house for his family at Okhokhugbo community in Egor Local Government Area of Edo State, where the late wife and children lived. …

It was gathered that the family of the deceased’s husband were demanding refund of her bride price, insisting that Elvis take care of the burial expenses after performing the marriage rites for the late woman.

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Nigeria protects unborn babies’ lives and allows abortions only when the mother’s life is at risk.

Abortion activists often point to back alley abortions and botched abortions like Mama Sarah’s to pressure countries to legalize abortion on demand. They claim legalizing abortion makes it safer. Nothing could be further from the truth. Legal or not, abortions are not safe for the mother and certainly not for her unborn baby. In America, where abortions are legal and widely available, hundreds of women have died and thousands more have been injured from abortions.

An abortion is always a deadly, tragic procedure because its very purpose is to kill a child in the womb. Sometimes it destroys a mother’s life, too.