Pro-Life Advocates Celebrate Defeat of Argentina Bill Legalizing Abortions Up to Birth

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Aug 9, 2018   |   9:48AM   |   Buenos Aires, Argentina

Pro-life advocates across the world are celebrating a major victory for unborn babies after Argentina defeated a bill Wednesday that would have legalized abortion on demand.

The Senate rejected the bill in a 38-31 vote Wednesday evening after the lower house of parliament passed it earlier this year. The bill would have legalized abortions for any reason up to 14 weeks and up to birth in limited circumstances, including rape.

EuroNews reports pro-lifers celebrated with fireworks and shouts of joy outside parliament in Buenos Aires after the vote. Many pro-lifers wore or waved baby blue bandannas, a symbol of the fight for unborn babies’ rights in the country, according to CBC.

“What this vote showed is that Argentina is still a country that represents family values,” pro-life advocate Victoria Osuna told Reuters.

Argentina is a strongly Catholic country and the birthplace of Pope Francis. Church leaders and grassroots Catholics spoke out strongly against the pro-abortion legislation, and many gathered at a Mass for life in the Buenos Aires Cathedral just prior to the Senate vote, according to The Guardian.

On the crowded streets outside parliament, some carried balloons, religious symbols and even a large sculpture of an unborn baby. Other images showed young women and men wearing blue face paint and carrying signs advocating for both unborn babies and their mothers.

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Argentina prohibits unborn babies from being aborted except in cases of rape, severe disabilities or threats to the mother’s life.

Like many South American countries, Argentina has been facing intense international pressure to legalize abortion. Organizations that receive funding from American billionaire George Soros have been pushing their abortion agenda on Argentina for years.

Abortion campaigners had hoped to springboard off their success in Ireland, but they suffered a defeat in South America. A defeat for abortion activists is a victory for the rights of unborn babies.