Abortion Activist Nancy Pelosi Calls 9/11 Terrorist Attacks an “Incident”

National   |   SPUC   |   Jul 26, 2018   |   4:35PM   |   Glasgow, Scotland

House Democrat Leader Nancy Pelosi is a long-time abortion advocate. As such, she has little respect for human life before birth. Now it appears she has little respect for human life afterwards, too.

A comment the former Speaker of the House made today during her weekly press conference took her lack of respect for human life to another level. During her remarks, Pelosi rhetorically downgraded the September 11th terrorist attacks and called them merely an “incident.”

That is a shocking way to describe the horrible loss of life on that fateful day and the deaths of an injury to the thousands and thousands of people. Americans are still reeling from that horrific day and millions of people who had familial relationships or friendships with those who died will be aghast to hear that Pelosi apparently thinks so little of what happened to cause their deaths.

As the Washington Times reports:

A discussion on the Trump administration’s immigration policies took a macabre turn when the California Democrat focused on the deadly terror attacks orchestrated by Osama bin Laden. Mrs. Pelosi claimed that Republicans were historically weaker on border security than Democrats because they balked on some of the 9/11 Commission’s recommendations.

“We have a responsibility to protect our borders. All of our borders,” Mrs. Pelosisaid. “Let’s make no mistake about that. Democrats have been strong on that point. All of our borders. In fact, I said to some of you before, when we had the 9/11 incident and the commission was formed — and they made their recommendations — they made recommendations to protect America, but the Republicans would never take them up. And some of it was about our borders. The Republicans would never take them up.”

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