Woman’s Aunt Kidnaps Her. She and Three Men Kill Her 8-Month-Old Baby in an Abortion

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 25, 2018   |   10:28AM   |   Secunda, South Africa

When abortion activists claim abortion is a human right that empowers women, they ignore how abortion not only kills unborn babies but also often is used to abuse women.

Crime stories across the world hint at just how frequently forced abortions occur. News 24 in South Africa reports a 20-year-old woman allegedly was kidnapped and forced to abort her late-term unborn baby recently in Secunda, South Africa. One of the alleged kidnappers was her own aunt.

Police in Secunda said they arrested three men, Seyikabi Wilson, 46, Jingo Wassua, 35, Njombozi Katiti, 43 and a woman, Lydia Mojemba, allegedly the aunt of the young victim. They have been charged with kidnapping, murder and attempted murder, according to the report.

The young woman was about eight months pregnant with her unborn baby at the time.

Police spokesperson Colonel Mtsholi Bhembe told the local news:

“It is alleged that they (the accused) took the pregnant woman from Secunda to Ogies where they locked her in a room.”

“Once she was in that room it was alleged that they gave her several tablets for termination of pregnancy, but it seems they were not very successful in the beginning. They proceeded until they were successful over a period [of] time, and the baby came, but was already dead.”

Bhembe said the four then wrapped the stillborn baby in a plastic bag and was dumped at a railway line.

“The woman managed to open the door and escape. She ran to the nearest road and got a lift to Secunda where she reported the matter.”

Authorities said they still are not sure what prompted the violent acts. They also said they have not been able to find the aborted baby’s body, Jacaranda FM reports.

Forced and coerced abortions happen more frequently than abortion activists like to admit. Earlier this week, LifeNews also reported about a forced abortion in India. In that case, a 19-year-old girl told police she was raped by a neighbor at gunpoint and later forced to abort her unborn baby.

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Earlier this year, at least two other cases of alleged forced abortion were reported in India. One involved a young woman whose Punjabi teacher allegedly raped her and then forced her to abort her unborn baby in an attempt to cover up the abuse.

Forced and coerced abortions are a problem in the United States, as well. One study found that as many as 64 percent of post-abortive women say they felt pressured to have an abortion, LifeNews previously reported. A survey of sex trafficking victims by the U.S. Department of State also found that many were forced by their abusers to abort their unborn babies.

Undercover investigations also have revealed that Planned Parenthood fails to report suspected sexual abuse of minors, including victims of sex trafficking.