Planned Parenthood “Power of Pink” Convention Will Teach Women How to Brag About Their Abortions

National   |   Christina Vazquez   |   Jul 25, 2018   |   11:40AM   |   Washington, DC

This weekend, abortion activists will flock to Detroit for Planned Parenthood’s “biggest, baddest” grassroots training conference.

The “Power of Pink” conference, taking place from July 27 to 29, is being touted as the abortion group’s largest training conference to date, mobilizing more than 3,000 women and pro-abortion advocates in light of the fall midterm elections. One of the pro-abortion organization’s latest strategies to sway voters is to have women brag about their abortions.

Planned Parenthood’s website explains the mission of the conference in more detail: “Over the course of two days, thousands of Planned Parenthood Action Fund members and supporters of all ages, races, ethnicities, zip codes, gender identities, and abilities will come together in Detroit to participate in trainings, in-depth workshops, and volunteer-led actions to build power. Participants will leave Power of Pink with the tools they need to strengthen our movement’s collective impact in our communities, under the the domes of state and federal legislatures, and at the ballot box, now and well into the future!”

The conference will take place in Detroit, Michigan, because it is a “beacon for progressivism,” according to the National Organizing Director Kelley Robinson. The conference’s lineup of “winning” speakers include former president of Planned Parenthood Cecile Richards, Executive Vice President Dawn Laguens, and Alicia Garza, co-founder of the Black Lives Matter movement.

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The training that participants will receive includes several workshops, but one of the most abhorrent workshops offered during the conference will teach participants storytelling about their abortions. This talk, “Abortion Storytelling,” encourages participants to share their stories about abortion to “chip away at stigma” regarding the fatal procedure.

For an organization that is fearing the impact of President Donald Trump’s pro-life legislation and U.S. Supreme Court nominees, these “storytelling” strategies highlight Planned Parenthood’s desperation to keep abortion on demand legal. Teaching women how to boast about aborting their own children shows that pathos may be their only strategy to sway voters.

The pro-abortion organization has tried to normalize abortion in other crude ways, as well. Recently, a Planned Parenthood campaign in New York City advocated for “the freedom to f—“.

Their attempt to humanize a procedure that eliminates defenseless humans is atrocious but sadly unsurprising. Some of the very speakers at this weekend’s conference have openly celebrated their abortions in media interviews and at political events. It is up to pro-life advocates to share their stories about abortion so that the reality behind Planned Parenthood may be revealed.