Canadian Province Offers Free Abortions for Women to End Their Babies’ Lives

International   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 18, 2018   |   1:37PM   |   Ottawa, Canada

Newfoundland and Labrador are the latest Canadian province to begin providing free, taxpayer-funded abortion drugs to women.

On Wednesday, province health leaders announced their decision to cover Mifegymiso abortion drugs through the government health system, VOCM News reports.

Starting Sept. 1, women in the province will be able to get the abortion drugs free of charge. The drugs, which require a prescription, can be used to abort unborn babies up to 9 weeks of pregnancy in Canada.

“Individuals in this province are entitled to abortion, which is a legal, medical service,” said John Haggie, the province health minister, in a statement. “Universally covering the cost of this alternative to surgical abortion will ensure people continue to have safe and unimpeded access to this health service.”

The province follows British Columbia, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Alberta, Quebec and Ontario in its decision to offer the deadly drugs for free through the taxpayer-funded health system.

The estimated cost is $350 per prescription. CBC reports patients who have private insurance also can receive taxpayer-funding to cover the abortion drugs if their insurance does not cover the full cost.

About 100,000 unborn babies are aborted in Canada every year, according to the Campaign Life Coalition.

Unlike in the United States, the abortion drugs only became available on the market in 2017 in Canada. Mifegymiso is a two-drug abortion method known in the U.S. as mifepristone (RU-486) and misoprostol.

In 2012, a U.S. Food and Drug Administration report indicated that 14 women in the United States alone died from using mifepristone and 2,207 women were injured by it.

The dangerous abortion drug has claimed the lives of 2 million unborn children in the United States since its approval at the end of the Clinton administration. In addition to the unborn children, women have suffered as well, as a Planned Parenthood study admits at least one woman is seriously injured from the abortion pill daily.

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The Canadian provinces’ decisions likely will anger more than just pro-life advocates. Polls consistently show that most people do not want their tax dollars being used to pay for abortions.

Canada already has some of the most liberal abortion laws in the world, allowing abortions for any reason up to birth, many already taxpayer-funded. Parental consent for minors, waiting periods, informed consent and other basic, common sense regulations are non-existent. But abortion activists will not tolerate anything less than full support of abortion on demand up to birth, paid for by taxpayers.