Abortion Activist: Pro-Lifers Just Want Planned Parenthood Defunded to Force Women to Get Pregnant

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 16, 2018   |   6:06PM   |   Washington, DC

Abortion activists come up with some pretty unbelievable hyperboles to attack those they disagree with on abortion.

Right now, they are accusing the Trump administration of trying to defund Planned Parenthood in order to “force” women into pregnancy.

“Trump’s Title X changes are not about abortion, they’re about forced pregnancy,” the pro-abortion site Bustle claimed in a recent opinion piece.

In May, President Donald Trump introduced a rule to defund Planned Parenthood and other abortion groups of Title X family planning dollars.

The proposed rule contains three important parts. The first prohibits recipients of taxpayer funds under Title X from referring women for abortions. The second requires groups that receive the funds to maintain separate facilities that do abortions, as opposed to having their abortion businesses in the same facility as the family planning operation. The final section requires recipients to ensure they follow all child abuse reporting laws. It has not gone into effect yet.

Bustle writer Sonia Ossorio claimed the Trump administration is using the rule to “[trample] on individual rights via executive rule” and move society backward.

“It’s vile, discriminatory censorship that puts politics between patients and their doctors,” she wrote.

She continued:

Let’s see this for what it is: a callous attempt to put the squeeze on more than 4,100 clinics that provide birth control, cancer screenings, and STI testing. For many women, these clinics are their only health care. President Trump and ultra-conservative power brokers’ end game is to defund and regulate these women’s health clinics until they are shuttered. Already, many counties across the country have no clinics that offer family planning services, forcing women to travel great distances or go without.

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In reality, the rule does not cut any health programs. It just ensures that taxpayer dollars do not fund the abortion deaths of unborn babies, directly or indirectly. The United States spends about $260 million in Title X funds for family planning for low-income individuals, and Planned Parenthood receives about $60 million annually.

Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers could continue to receive tax dollars to provide birth control, cancer screenings, STI testing and more if they comply with the rule. But, Planned Parenthood already has said it will not do so. It also has threatened to sue if the rule goes into effect.

Ossorio said Trump has “overrun” his administration with “anti-choice extremists” who are “not interested in facts” about Title X dollars. She claimed the rule would “further restrict abortion and elevate fetuses to personhood — which would inevitably lead to the policing of pregnant women.”

But one of the things that makes her accusation so difficult to believe is that many of the Trump administrators she cited are women. These women, including Diane Foley, Charmaine Yoest and Katy Talento, have proven through their vast experience that they care deeply about women and their children. It is hard to believe that these women would work to strip protections not only for themselves but also their daughters and granddaughters.

The new Title X rule does not force anything on women. It just forces the billion-dollar abortion industry to stop propping up its businesses with Americans’ tax dollars.