Public University is Hiring a Professor to Teach Students to be Abortion Activists

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 11, 2018   |   6:38PM   |   Portland, Oregon

Portland State University is advertising for a professor to teach students “reproductive justice” and “social justice activism” – terms often closely linked with abortion activism.

The ad caught the eye of pro-life students, as well as the conservative news site Campus Reform. The Oregon university is a public university. It received about $76 million tax dollars from the state in 2016.

And it appears those tax dollars may be used to push a pro-abortion agenda on students.

However, a spokesperson for the university told Fox News that is not the case.

Here’s more from the report:

[T]he Department Chair, Windston Grady-Willis, told Fox News that “the job posting does not indicate that applicants must have viewpoints of any kind.”

He added that none of the positions in the department “require applicants to hold certain viewpoints as a condition of hiring.” Something he said would violate academic freedom.

“There is no mention of abortion in the posting. That’s why it says reproductive justice, not abortion rights,” university spokesman Christopher Broderick said.

But PSU’s “Reproductive Justice Action Team” has a Facebook page littered with mentions of abortion, partnering with abortion giant Planned Parenthood and calling out PSU-Pro Life for handing out materials that are “offensive and misinformed.”

In another post promoting a counter-protest to a pro-life event, the group says they “support reproductive justice for everyone…the right to abort an unwanted fetus.”

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Students for Life spokesman Matt Lamb told Campus Reform that the job description signals abortion activism.

“We know that phrases like ‘abortion’ are not as popular, so pro-choice groups often call their work reproductive justice or say it is about reproductive health to mask the true aim,” Lamb said.

The full-time position would be in the Women, Gender & Sexuality Studies department, according to the job description. The ideal candidate would be a “practitioner of feminist activism…with particular attention to women of color feminisms, reproductive justice, and community-engaged learning.” The instructor would begin teaching in 2019 and classes could include “Intro to Women’s Studies,” “Women, Activism & Social Change” and “Global Reproductive Justice.”