New Abortion Clinic Opens Up Next Door to Children’s Daycare Facility

State   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 9, 2018   |   4:23PM   |   Columbus, Ohio

A new abortion clinic opened next door to a children’s day care facility Monday in Columbus, Ohio, sparking outrage in the neighborhood.

The new abortion business, Your Choices Healthcare on Karl Road, is operated by the same group that ran Founders Women’s Health Center, an abortion facility on Broad Street, WOSU Radio News reports.

Founders closed at the end of June for unknown reasons after 45 years in business. It aborted unborn babies up to 17 weeks of pregnancy.

The new abortion facility will abort unborn babies up to 10 weeks for a price of $525 or more.

One of its volunteers told the local news that the facility is newer and more updated and provides a “great opportunity” for the abortion business.

Mark Harrington, president of Created Equal, had a very different opinion about the situation.

“Like cockroaches being exposed to light, abortionists seek to do their dirty work in the dark where no one notices,” Harrington said. “This community is raising up to fight back against this abortion-killing center. By moving right next to a day care, abortionists demonstrate they have no regard for common decency, or human life, and need kept out of this respectable neighborhood.”

Harrington said quite a few people in the neighborhood are upset about the new abortion facility, especially its location next to StarZone daycare. His pro-life group held a protest Monday outside the facility.

“I mean [their reactions were] mixed, but we got plenty of people who are really upset, some of them out here today,” Harrington told the local news. “The idea is just to raise awareness in the community and let people know that this moved in.”

Like many abortion businesses, Founders had a sordid past.

One of its former abortionists, Tom Michaelis, was indicted on federal child pornography charges while working there, according to the pro-life group. A 2014 report by CBS 11 WTOL indicated Michaelis also pleaded guilty to sexual crimes involving his teenage daughter’s friends. His medical license was revoked in 2014. At one time, he also worked for Capital Care Network, another abortion facility in Ohio, according to the report.

Other problems cited by Created Equal include:

– Tax liens – “Founders Women’s Health Center” owes over one million dollars in taxes to the City of Columbus, State of Ohio, and the IRS.

A revoked hospital agreement – Grant Hospital revoked their transfer agreement with the abortion clinic.

– An uninsured abortionist – Main abortionist has no medical malpractice insurance.

– Overdue fines – Owes the Ohio Department of Health $40,000 in fines.

– Injures women – One abortionist perforated the uterus of mother with a non-uterine pregnancy leaving her sterile.

In 2017, the State Medical Board of Ohio suspended the license of another one of its former abortionists, David Burkons. A state investigation found Burkons was signing blank prescriptions, leaving them with his staff, and failing to record the prescriptions in patient documents at another abortion facility, the Northeast Ohio Women’s Center in Cuyahoga Falls.