Foundations are Flooding Pro-Abortion Magazines With Cash While Conservatives Receive Very Little

National   |   Alec Sears   |   Jul 6, 2018   |   4:22PM   |   Washington, DC

Friday, a joint study was released by the Shorenstein Center on Media, Politics, and Public Policy. Also contributing were members of the Northeastern University’s School of Journalism. In short, the researchers poured over five years of philanthropic data only to discover that conservative magazines receive less than a quarter of what liberal magazines bring in.

For nonprofit magazines, donations are the main source of revenue. The study focused on 32,422 separate foundation grants between the years 2010 and 2015. Five percent of these grants went to nonprofit magazines, or about $80.1 million. Of that amount, $29.3 million was granted to ideological magazines, ones that are biased to the right or left. Over the five-year period of major foundation grants, only $6.5 million was donated to conservative magazines.

able 7. Top 25 foundation grant recipients among magazines 2010-2015

% of
1.Harper’s magazine 23,737,500 29% 5 PA
2.Education Week 14,489,429 18% 45 EDUC
3.Mother Jones 6,575,343 8% 184 LIB
4.The Nation 5,553,713 7% 180 LIB
5.American Prospect 4,198,282 5% 84 LIB
6.Nautilus magazine 3,498,150 4% 3 SCI
7. New Criterion 2,530,293 3% 79 CON
8.Washington Monthly 2,396,500 3% 16 LIB
9.Orion magazine 2,257,210 3% 54 ENV
10.Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists 1,679,900 2% 43 SCI
11.Commentary 1,574,550 2% 59 CON
12. YES! magazine 1,241,442 2% 56 LIB
13. News from Native California 1,179,254 2% 71 MI/ETH
14.Lapham’s Quarterly 1,161,000 1% 18 PA
15.American Spectator 1,152,740 1% 101 CON
16.Consumer Reports 978,994 1% 4 CA
17.Atlantic Monthly* 943,921 1% 6 PA
18.Boston Review 856,700 1% 17 LIB
19.Reason magazine 688,000 1% 1 CON
20.Progressive magazine 671,700 1% 28 LIB
21.Health Affairs 654,225 1% 3 HTH
22.Democracy: A Journal of Ideas 572,000 1% 9 LIB
23.In These Times 393,500 1% 9 LIB
24.E-The environmental magazine 368,200 1% 11 ENV
25. National Review 266,060 .3% 1 CON
Total 79,618,606 99% 1087

Notes: CA: Consumer affairs; CONV: Right wing/conservative; EDU: Education; ENV: Environment, conservation; HTH: Health, public health; LIB: Left wing/liberal; MI/ETH: Minority, ethnic focus; PA: General interest, public affairs; SCI: science & tech. *Atlantic is a for-profit magazine. Funding support a variety of public forums and ideas festivals.

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This trend was reflected across the nonprofit spectrum, including organizations which are not publications. On average, liberal organizations receive around 3.4 times more than conservative organizations. That ratio was found by taking the average between the Harvard study, as well as studies done by the Capital Research Center, and the Manhattan Institute. Despite best efforts by conservatives, liberal nonprofits brought in more donations between 2010 and 2015, and it wasn’t even close.

The top five largest foundation grant donors are all left-leaning. They are led by the Roderick MacArthur Foundation, which donated a staggering 29% of the total grants given to magazines in the five year period. Most of these grants were given exclusively to Harper’s Magazine.

The Harvard study focused on foundation grants, these are typically large sums delivered by the charitable arm of major corporations or family trusts. What is not shown are private contributions by individuals. This is where conservatives can make up lost ground. Small donations by a large number of individuals can counter large sums dropped by a small population.

LifeNews Note: Alec Sears writes for Newsbusters, where this originally appeared.