Teen Gives Birth on a Street, Her Shocked Mother Abandons the Baby on Side of the Road

International   |   Christina Vazquez   |   Jul 5, 2018   |   4:49PM   |   Beijing, China

This week in China, a teenager gave birth to a baby girl meters away from a hospital, and to the horror of many onlookers, the teenager’s mother told the girl to abandon her baby.

According to the Daily Mail, the mother of the Jiaxing teen had not known that her daughter was pregnant until the girl began to give birth.

Despite being feet away from the nearest hospital, the new grandmother reportedly tossed the baby into the street, telling her daughter that they could not keep the baby because the teen “was too young to be a mother.”

The article reports the new mother and the newborn child later were taken to the hospital by the hospital’s security guards and treated.

While this new mother and child were able to get treatment, the same is not the case for many children in China. Sadly, infanticide is still very common in the country, due to the fact that China still practices a two-child policy. The population control policy has led to forced abortions, infanticide and forced sterilizations.

Reggie Littlejohn, the founder of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, which works in China, explained the policy in further detail:

According to the most recent report of the Congressional-Executive Commission on China, China’s Family Planning Laws require couples to be married to have children. The implementation of the Family Planning Laws is not uniform across China, but is subject to provincial regulation.  In some places, an unmarried woman who is pregnant may be forced to pay a “social compensation fee” of up to ten times her annual salary.  I call these “terror fines.”  If she cannot pay the fine, she may be required to abort.

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The discrimination does not end with aborting “one child too many.” Gendercide is rampant in China as well, because families often favor having boys over girls. Whether the girls are killed in or out of the womb, the impact is felt in China.

According to All Girls Allowed, sex-selective abortions account for the excess of males in China, and by 2020, the Chinese government estimates there will be 40 million more males than females.

While abandoning children may be a criminal offense in China, it is evident that the government does not hold the same regard for its youngest and most vulnerable citizens: the ones in the womb. Stories like the teen and her mother in Jiaxing will continue to make headlines until China changes its policy dictating who gets to live.