Glamour Magazine Editor: “My Life Was Made Possible” Because I Aborted My Baby

National   |   Micaiah Bilger   |   Jul 2, 2018   |   4:25PM   |   Washington, DC

Cindi Leive made a name for herself running Glamour, one of the most popular women’s magazines in America.

In a Saturday op-ed for the New York Times, the former editor-in-chief attributed her success to her abortion – her legal “right” to kill her unborn baby so she could live as she wished.

She said she decided to share her abortion story for the first time publicly because she is afraid that Roe v. Wade soon could be a thing of the past, given President Donald Trump’s opportunity to nominate a second justice to the U.S. Supreme Court.

“Last week I turned on the radio and heard a legal scholar predicting that thanks to the looming retirement of Justice Anthony Kennedy, abortion will be illegal in 20 states by 2020,” she wrote. “I felt my blood run cold … because like one in four women, I know first-hand how important the access to safe, legal abortion can be.”

Now 51, Leive said she had an abortion when she was a college freshman at Swarthmore College in Pennsylvania. A difficult time in her life, she said her mother was dying of cancer in Virginia, and she drowned her sorrows in alcohol and partying.

“And one night, when the object of my affection and I ended up at the same party and walked each other home giddily singing little-known Bruce Springsteen lyrics, I forgot everything I’d ever known about birth control. (As did he,)” she wrote.

Seven weeks later, after learning she was pregnant, she aborted their unborn baby.

“My main emotions were intense regret that I’d gotten myself into this mess and equally intense relief that I could get myself out,” Leive wrote.

Though she never talked or wrote about her abortion publicly, Leive said she did share her story with friends and colleagues over the years. And they, in turn, shared theirs.

“Some found their decisions agonizing, others not at all, but most had the same feeling that I did: not the situation I wanted to be in, but thank God it’s a choice I have,” she wrote.

Recently, Leive said she decided to tell her 15-year-old daughter about the abortion. She said she cried when she shared the story, and her daughter wiped away her tears.

“I told her that I felt immense gratitude for the life I have been able to build, for the two children I’ve been able to care and provide for, for the marriage I could choose freely, for the dreams I was able to pursue,” she said. “And all of it, I told her, was made possible by my right to decide when I was ready to be a mother.”

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Tragically, though, Leive is wrong. Her abortion did not erase a potential child from existence. She already was a mother, and her abortion killed her unborn baby. Even at just seven weeks of pregnancy, her unborn baby already had his or her own unique DNA and a beating heart.

Leive urged Americans to consider how many women like her have had abortions, but she assumed that, like her, few – if any – women regret them.

“The woman who works next to you, the woman you sleep with, the woman who serves your coffee, signs your paycheck, patrols your neighborhood, maybe even the woman who raised you — there’s a one in four chance that she had (or will have) to make this choice. Those are her rights on the line,” Leive wrote.

The truth is that, for many women, abortion is not a choice. Many are forced or coerced into aborting their unborn babies. Others willingly make the choice only to regret it deeply for the rest of their lives. Many of these women suffer because they realize the truth too late. An abortion involves more than just a woman’s life and choices. It involves two lives, hers and her unborn baby’s. And destroying one human being’s life for the convenience of another’s should never be an acceptable option.