Planned Parenthood Slams Supreme Court: It’s Anti-Woman Not to Force Pregnancy Centers to Push Abortion

National   |   Steven Ertelt   |   Jun 26, 2018   |   1:06PM   |   Washington, DC

Abortion activists are not happy with today’s Supreme Court decision saying a California law was improper that forced pregnancy centers to promote abortions. For abortion advocates like Planned Parenthood, it is supposedly anti-woman to not force pregnancy centers to push abortion.

In a series of tweets slamming the decision, the Planned Parenthood abortion business criticized the Supreme Court and claimed that pregnancy centers are giving medically inaccurate information to women, though it provided no examples or evidence to support the claim. However, all pregnancy centers do is provide opportunities for women considering abortion to look at pro-life options to have their baby and provide for their child.

One pro-abortion organization went as far as making the outlandish claim that the Supreme Court decision allows pregnancy centers to lie to women and a slams the Supreme Court for having an all-male majority decide in the case. The pro-abortion women on the Supreme Court sided with California and its effort to force pregnancy centers to promote abortions.

“Five male Supreme Court justices gave crisis pregnancy centers the right to lie to women today,” said Heidi Hess, CREDO Action Co-Director. “Rather than affirm women’s right to control their bodies and their lives, the Court voted to control women, and to set the stage for even more attacks on our reproductive rights. Senate Republicans stole a Supreme Court nominee from President Obama in order to create this anti-woman majority. Every senator who contributed to that theft or voted to confirm Neil Gorsuch should be held accountable for his deciding vote to undermine women today.”

Abortion activists with NARAL and the Center for Reproductive Rights argue that the law is necessary because pregnancy centers “manipulate and deceive” pregnant women. But Jay Hobbs of Heartbeat International pointed out these pro-abortion groups have not produced one single testimony from a woman who has been harmed by a pregnancy center (other than a few abortion activists who were trying to trap pregnancy centers).

The law charges a cumulative fine of $1,000 for every repeated instance that the notice is not communicated to a client. This law sabotages freedom of speech by forcing organizations to encourage actions that are in direct opposition to their religious beliefs and counter the mission and purpose of their organizations.

Similar government-sponsored speech for pregnancy centers has been struck down as unconstitutional in Austin, Texas, Baltimore and Montgomery County, Maryland, and New York City.