Whites Outnumber Blacks 5-1 in Arkansas But More Black Babies are Killed in Abortions

State   |   Rose Mimms   |   Jun 21, 2018   |   3:37PM   |   Little Rock, AR

Black Americans for Life, an outreach of Arkansas Right to Life, and The Radiance Foundation will launch a powerful billboard/web campaign to tell the public WhatAbortionReallyIs.com at a press conference in Little Rock at South University and Lakeshore Drive and at Martha Mitchell Expressway and University Drive in Pine Bluff on Friday June 22nd at 10 a.m. where billboards are located. Other board locations include 12th Street and Rodney Parham in Little Rock and Hwy 79 South at 16th Street in Pine Bluff. The billboard campaign will last 8 weeks.

The initiative reveals truths about the violence of abortion with messages declaring: “Abortion is Missing This” and “Abortion is Lost Fatherhood” to emphasize its impact during Abortion Awareness Month in the African-American community. WhatAbortionReallyIs.com declares “Abortion is Injustice Anywhere” and “Abortion is Big Business” among other messages and features specific facts and figures about the tragic toll taken on black lives in Arkansas. From 2014-2016, black abortions outnumbered white abortions in our state even though only 15% of Arkansas’ population is black while 79% is white.

“Abortion is epidemic among black Americans. Roe never empowered women. It enabled abandonment. Fatherlessness leaves behind vulnerable families. Predatory profiteers, like the abortion industry, depend on vulnerable communities,” explains Ryan Bomberger, an African-American adoptee, adoptive father and co-founder of The Radiance Foundation. “No one needs abortion. Everyone needs love and support.”

June is Abortion Awareness month in the African-American community and each year Black Americans for Life sponsors an educational effort to inform the public that abortion kills more black lives than HIV, diabetes, heart disease, cancer, homicide, drugs, accidents and all other top 15 causes combined. The campaign highlights many compassionate local and national (free) resources available to help support those facing unplanned pregnancies.

“While abortion has touched all levels of American society, no group has been devastated by abortion as much as the Black community,” says Lekita Diamond-Gaynor, spokesperson for Arkansas Black Americans for Life. “Relentless targeting explains why black women have three times the number of abortions than white women,” she added.

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Our culture claims to embrace equality, fairness and justice for all. Black Americans for Life champions the cause of black unborn children who are unwelcomed in life, aborted and forgotten and their mothers who are daily exploited by a billion-dollar abortion industry.

“Black Americans for Life are voices for the voiceless. We want to shed light, in our community, on the alarming number of black babies whose Right to Life is taken away every day, a fact which is tragically unknown among the majority of AfricanAmericans,” said Reverend Jesse C. Turner, Pastor of Elm Grove Baptist Church in Pine Bluff.