This Company Incinerates Bodies of Unborn Babies Killed in Abortions as Late as 30 Weeks

State   |   Cheryl Sullenger   |   Jun 21, 2018   |   8:26PM   |   Germantown, Maryland

Once LeRoy Carhart and his very-late-term abortion facility, Abortion (ACO), in Bethesda, Maryland, lost their waste disposal contractor two weeks ago, it was understood that he would begin to scramble for someone else to haul away the aborted baby remains that were piling up at his facility.

It was hoped he would never find one. Unfortunately, there seems always to be someone who is eager to profit at the expense of others.

With the help of alert local activists, Operation Rescue has confirmed that Carhart is now contracted with Biomedical Recovery Systems for the pickup and disposal of the bodies of babies he aborts, some of which are well over 30 weeks gestation.

On June 19, 2018, long-time pro-life activist Dick Rhetta was at the Wildwood Medical Center in Bethesda where Carhart’s late-term abortion business is located. Dick was reaching out to other offices in the building – mostly dentists and orthodontists – to ask them to assist in efforts to persuade Aubinoe Management Company to terminate Carhart’s lease.

That’s when Rhetta noticed a driver from Biomedical Recovery Systems leaving the ACO suite wheeling away a large red plastic biohazard container with his hand truck. The company’s information was clearly printed on the door of its large box truck parked outside.

This was the first pickup of aborted baby remains since June 5 when its former waste disposal company, Biomedical Waste Services, quit after pro-life supporters contacted the business’ owners.

“It seems that some companies will do almost anything for a buck, even if it enables the brutal killing of viable babies who are in some cases just days away from birth,” said Operation Rescue President Troy Newman. “If it wasn’t for the collaboration of waste disposal companies with the abortion cartel, these killing centers would be forced to close.”

Operation Rescue’s Cheryl Sullenger contacted Biomedical Recovery Systems and spoke with John Kappler, who owns the business. The conversation took a shocking turn. Here is a partial transcript of the conversation.

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Sullenger: This is really about whether or not you are going to make a decision to continue participating in the killing of innocent children, participating in a business that hurts women, sends them to the hospital, maims them forever, sometimes kills them. Or, if you are going to do the right thing and move on from this contract. That’s all this is about.

Kappler: I’m not going to do what you want me to do. I’m gonna run a business and if somebody has a need and I’m licensed in the state of Maryland to fulfill that need, I’m gonna do it.

Sullenger: So, if there was a concentration camp where they were gassing people, you would service that concentration camp because you want the money. The buck is more important than innocent lives. Is that what you’re telling me?

Kappler: Absolutely.

“When money becomes more important than human life, there is no end to the evil that men and women can accomplish. Collaborating with Carhart’s late-term abortion business that rips viable babies from their mothers is immoral and barbaric,” said Newman. “It wouldn’t continue if companies like Biomedical Waste Systems would do the right thing and refuse to do business with those who take innocent human lives through abortion.”

Operation Rescue once again seeks help from pro-life supporters to respectfully persuade Biomedical Recovery Systems to stop doing business with Carhart’s Bethesda abortion facility,

Please call or e-mail Biomedical Recovery Systems owner John Kappler now.

Voice: 866.240.5077 (Ask for John.)
E-mail: [email protected] Note: Cheryl Sullenger is a leader of Operation Rescue.